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Julien Blanc - TenGame: Law 6 (Think Win/Win)

Julien Blanc - TenGame: Law 6 (Think Win/Win)

It has to be a win for you and a win for herOne of the big benefits you will get out of TenGame is re-adjusting your focus to ZONE IN on the BEING!

The BEING is what makes the doing worth it, what makes it work, what makes it "tick".

The BEING is hard to see, hard to pinpoint, and hard to fix.

The BEING isn't something you can fully put it into words... but once you see it, you can emotionally recognize it.

Once you SEE the difference, you will FEEL the difference.

That's why in TenGame, I chose to focus in the MACRO concepts, the big concepts that lie at the CORE of all the techniques, tips, and tricks.

Because it's not about finding more "doing" to fill in the gaps in your personality.

You already have a bunch of techniques, why do you think you need more?

You are putting so much effort into the "doing" that you never take the time to step back and question the cause.

It's not about "suffering through" the mental torment of "having to go out"...

Once you master this, your nights will be so much more fun, you will wonder how you could even have perceived it as a struggle in the first place.

You will go out and realize that the game is something to be ENJOYED!

It's not about avoiding rejections...

It's about getting rid of that fear of rejection in the first place.

It's about the CAUSE.

It's about the BEING.

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