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ADSR Sounds - Masterclass Mastering With Ozone 7 (2016)

ADSR Sounds - Masterclass Mastering With Ozone 7 (2016)
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Genre: Video Tutorial / Sound Processing

In this comprehensive tutorial course, Echo Sound Works takes you through the world of mastering and how to use Ozone 7 Advanced to master your own music.
22 individual video tutorials totalling over 4 hours of indepth instruction. The Mastering with Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced Course is broken into 6 unique modules and will explain the concepts and practices of mastering; look at all the features and functions of Ozone 7 and how they pertain to mastering; and allow you to observe step-by-step techniques for mastering both specific instruments and complete tracks. Learn exactly how to use Ozone 7 to polish your musical projects to perfection.

MODULE 1: The Fundamentals of Mastering

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Mixing Vs Mastering - This video covers the key differences between mixing and mastering and how to separate the processes.
Part 3 - What is Ozone - This section details what Izotope Ozone 7 is, how it differs from other production software such as a DAW and how it fits in the Mastering workflow.
Part 4 - Mastering FX - This video covers the typical types of plugins used in a mastering project.
Part 5 - Mastering Mindset - This video is designed to shift you into the mindset of a mastering engineer. Mastering and mixing are two very different applications and trying to mix when you are mastering will only hurt your project in the long run.
Part 6 - Prepping The Mix - This video covers how to prep the mix for mastering so you're starting off in a good place.

MODULE 2: Izotope Ozone 7 Features & Functions

Part 7 - Interface - This video covers the basics of the Ozone 7 interface.
Part 8 - Equalizer - This section takes an in depth look at the main EQ and it's function in Ozone 7.
Part 9 - Post EQ - Ozone comes with a post EQ for added flexibility. This video will teach you when and how to use it.
Part 10 - Dynamic EQ - This is Ozone's special EQ it employs a mix of equalization and multi band compression.
Part 11 - Vintage EQ - One of the best additions to Ozone 7 is the Vintage EQ module. Discover its creative uses.

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