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Rich Schefren - Strategic Profits Live: Dream Team Home Study Program

Rich Schefren - Strategic Profits Live: Dream Team Home Study Program | 3.98 GB

Discover the Practical Strategies the World's 11 Most Successful Internet Marketing Experts Are Using RIGHT NOW to Make Up to $3,000,000 Per Week Online

Discover the latest viral and social network marketing secrets from Jeff Walker, Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime for building MASSIVE opt-in lists TODAY, in 2008, without spending a lot of money...

Learn how Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham and Janet Switzer create high-ticket, high-quality products in weeks that earn millions of dollars WITHOUT SELLING...

Find out the new ways John Carlton, Mary Ellen Tribby, Tom McCarthy, Gary Vaynerchuk and Paul Scheele are leveraging existing businesses into multiple profit centers that make money automatically...

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01 Tom and Rich 02:04:43
02 Mike Filsaime 01:47:42
03 MaryEllen Tribby 00:42:17
04 Paull Scheele 01:32:56
05 Jeff Walker 01:30:51
06 Tom 01:41:40
07 Frank Kern 01:56:17
08 Jay Abraham 01:09:46
09 John Carlton 01:46:51
10 Gary Vaynerchuk 01:22:03
11 Rich and Tom 00:59:42

Dear Friend,

If you've tried EVERYTHING from Pay-Per-Click and banner ads to the latest SEO strategies and affiliate marketing techniques but NOTHING lives up to the hype...

If you're beginning to suspect that the big money has already been made on the Internet... but know that traditional advertising isn't working, either...

Or, if you've been successful but want to step up to the next level, to grow a $10 million business into a $100 million business and do so IN A HURRY...

... Then please take a moment to read this brief message.

The fact is, 99.9% of traditional advertising - which is what 99.9% of Internet marketers use -- no longer works on the Internet. It's DEAD.

In just the past two years, there has been a massive, tectonic shift in how people interact online - part of the YouTube Revolution.

Anything that even SMELLS like advertising is now blocked by firewalls, popup screeners and spam filters, deleted unread by Outlook rules, and just plain IGNORED by ordinary people.

You've heard it before: The average American is now bombarded by no fewer than 5,000 sales messages DAILY.

That's WHY response rates are plummeting... banner ads no longer work... and it's getting harder and harder to build a list using traditional methods (like giving away a free report for an email address).

That's also why millions of small entrepreneurs are increasingly disappointed every day - and big corporations are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in their failed efforts to market online.

But here's what you may not know: A tiny network of street-smart guerilla marketers and business innovators has discovered how to take advantage of the forces that have utterly transformed the Internet over the past three years.

Right this minute, these savvy insiders are USING the very realities that cause most Internet marketers to fail - the information overload of 400 MILLION websites and approximately 31 BILLION daily emails -- to instantly build MASSIVE lists, sell millions of dollars' worth of products and services, and build entire businesses in a matter of months.

These Web 2.0 pioneers are using the little-understood secrets of social networking and "NOT SELLING" to make money by the truckload.

What's more, they're making it RIGHT NOW, not two or three years ago... in brand-new businesses... and often with virtually ZERO start-up capital.

For example...

The "guru of gurus" RICH SCHEFREN is using social networks to generate million-name lists in a matter of months... sales of $960,000 in HOURS... and a $7.4 million business in just 12 months...

Marketing legend JAY ABRAHAM is utilizing new marketing technologies to help businesses grow from $100,000 in annual sales to $13 million in 18 months...

FRANK KERN'S recent "mass control" marketing techniques are netting $1 million in sales in under an hour... and up to $18.3 million in 24 hours.

MIKE FILSAIME'S newest viral marketing strategies are now generating $400,000 PER MONTH (up from just $15,000 a month in 2006).

JEFF WALKER'S latest Product Launch Formula is netting up to $600,000 a week for himself and MILLIONS for his friends, clients and students.

MARYELLEN TRIBBY's new affiliate marketing strategies are expanding Early to Rise, an arm of Agora Publishing, from $5 million in sales to $26 million in just 15 months.

Copywriting superstar JOHN CARLTON's breakthrough rebel marketing techniques are adding $4 million to Internet entrepreneur Lou Vukas's bottom line... DOUBLING Perry Marshall's sales... helping John Gardener earn $70,000 a month on his website... multiplying Bill O'Connell's ROI by 10 times... and helping TRIPLE copywriter Harlan Kilstein's income from $350,000 to $1 million annually.

Rich Schefren - Strategic Profits Live: Dream Team Home Study Program


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