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Get your project done on-time and under-budget with less stress. Turn disengaged employees into engaged & productive

Are you frustrated with Team Members who aren't committed to your project vision and mission?
Do you fear that their lack of commitment and productivity will negatively impact you?
Are you struggling with Team Member turnover that leaves you feeling drained or stressed out from having to train new people?
Then You Are In the Right Place because my BRAND NEW COURSE is for you!

REALITY - Sometimes you have no control over selecting your team - you walk into the unknown.

I have helped many Project Managers, just like you, feel competent working with a diverse, and sometimes unknown, Team.

With me as your guide, you will experience less stress and more confidence dealing with difficult team members

2 parts high-level training seminar and 3 parts hands-on workshop, I developed this course to be a $199 value

You learn part three of my GET RESULTS Soft Skills Training Program

By the end of course 3, you'll know how to implement proven techniques plus much more.

I show you how to prevent team member turnover without sacrificing what you are successful at - Managing Projects from start to finish

The usual approach to developing a motivated and committed team doesn't work with certain team members

In this course I walk you through my two part in-depth Chain Reaction Framework for dealing with commitment issues

I then show you exactly how to apply this framework to my motivation methods

My motivation methods work even with the toughest team members - you learn about the 2 most challenging.

This course is ideal if you want the simple blueprint and an easy step-by-step plan to follow

Plus you receive my empower formula to help you develop an engaged productive team.

As a bonus, you walk away with a 57 page manual to keep as your guide plus lifetime access to coaching and consulting - all from your one-time low course enrollment fee.

Remember, this course is NO RISK. There is a 30 Day 100% MONEY BACK REFUND

Check out some of the FREE PREVIEWS available to learn more about how this course turns you into a highly sought-after Project Manager.

Then click on the "Take This Course" button and start learning instantly how to turn uncommitted team members into engaged productivity superstars.

Empowered Project Manager3 New Part 3 Soft Skills Training

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