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Photography: These Companies Want Your Photos

Photography: These Companies Want Your Photos
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Instructor: Alun Hill

These companies want your everyday photos - photographs of cats, real life, views, people, etc. Photography makes money! Anyone can do this! Take photos, sell your photos, travel locally or around the world for free with your camera ... this course tells all!

Here's what some students are doing.

1) They take their family out for the day. They take a few pictures in the simple way the course shows. They upload them to the websites shown in the course. They cash the checks. They've had a great day out - and made money!

2) They travel locally or internationally (all for free - details in the course), take photographs in the easy way the course shows ... yes, you've guessed it! They upload them and make money!

And in both cases, there are "repeat fees" - that means that you get paid month after month after month!

There has never been a greater demand for photographs.

Magazines, websites, TV stations, greetings card companies, big and small businesses, advertisers and many more are screaming out for your photographs.

Pictures of streets, beaches, families, trains, planes, buses, skies and offices.
Pictures of people, flowers, plants, animals, pets, cats, dogs, children, clocks and churches.
Pictures of hands, ears, shops, trees, bells and festive scenes.
Pictures of rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys.

As a direct consequence of this huge demand, specialist so-called "Microstock Agencies" have sprung up in recent years - and you can make a full time income from just a few photographs!

But how do you get into this very lucrative business?

How do you get started?
How do you ensure that you will be accepted?
And, crucially, what are the "simple to take / make money instantly" photographs?

In this Certificated Course, with a combination of video lectures and over 200 pages of extensive notes, world renowned photographer Alun Hill reveals all the inside secrets to making money form your photographs.

Taking a simple step-by-step approach with extensive "before and after" sample photos, he shows you how to easily and quickly choose the prefect pictures to get started - and how to take your future pictures for the largest pay checks.

All sales and billings etc are taken care of by the Agencies - you have no invoicing to do - and you get paid every month.

Photography: These Companies Want Your Photos

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