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Hey, what's up? Todd here, and I'm really excited to bring you the pickup program so good-

I put MY name on it.

I'm talking about the new Valentine University program launching THIS WEEK.

This program not only explores advanced concepts in pickup, but more important, I personally help you through exactly how to LEARN pickup.

I want you to get to the level I'm at with 15 years of pickup experience and 12 years of teaching experience in a matter of months-a year at most.

I've designed Valentine University so that you'll learn pickup in the MOST EFFICIENT WAY possible. You'll get:

- Pushed into the field-and pushed outside your comfort zone
- Personalized feedback from a mentor
- In-depth, hard-hitting theory so you have new ideas and new things to try on a regular basis
- Your most burning pickup questions answered

You get all this without having to leave your house, interrupt your life, OR spend thousands of dollars.

And Valentine U is something you can have EVERY SINGLE MONTH for the rest of your life so you can continue to progress forever and get the types of girls you really want.

The Valentine University program has four different modules:

1. THEORY VIDEO: not a webinar or a Vblog-and definitely not infotainment. It's serious pickup theory that's too advanced, too complicated, or too personal for me to reveal publically.
2. WEBINAR: Your opportunity every month to ask me the questions that are on your mind. It's the guaranteed way to get guidance on and breakdowns of pickup concepts you may not fully understand. It'll take years off your learning curve.
3. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Expert in-field coaching. Every month, I'll send you out with a specific structured mission designed to hone in on particular elements of game and get you better at it-IMMEDIATELY. It will push you out of your comfort zone and push your tolerance of social pressure. AND, when you do a mission and report back, I will respond personally and give you feedback.
4. INFIELD STUDENT FOOTAGE: I break down student footage from my programs and highlight the most common student mistakes. Seeing these mistakes (which you probably don't even know you're making too) and listening to my analysis will help you understand these sticking points in your own game and dramatically cut your learning curve. I promise you'll reach a point in game you may never have gotten to on your own.

These four modules are the Valentine University concepts I'm going to be introducing to you over the next week-complete with examples of the actual Valentine U videos.

This program is SO valuable, I can't even express it in words. So the best way to do it is to give you some free shit. If you sign up RIGHT NOW, you'll receive (FOR FREE) a sample of each of the four modules.

1. A brand-new theory video, "How to Plant an Idea in a Girl's Head," one of my most controversial and effective topics, and it's never been shared with the world
2. One-hour webinar: Tune and ask me YOUR questions LIVE. Afterward, you'll receive a copy of the webinar that you can review at your leisure.
3. A Mission Impossible that will get you out into the field RIGHT NOW
4. Student Footage Breakdown: something I've never put out for free ANYWHERE

I repeat: CLICK BELOW FOR FREE SHIT. Direct to your e-mail you'll receive these four Valentine University modules right now so you can begin learning game in the most effective manner possible.

Then stay tuned for the rest of the week as I bring you even more incredible free content.

I'll see you tomorrow.


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