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Continues the course of training GuitarTricks Core Learning System. Learning Blues style, level 2


1. Less Notes, More Blues!
In this series of blues course lessons, we'll take a simple A minor pentatonic scale and explore how much music can be made with one lick. We'll
break down the lick, work on making it your own, then try trading fours with a backing track!

2. Less Notes, Even More Blues!
In this tutorial we're going to "up the ante" a bit. We'll take another blues lick that's slightly more challenging and go through a similar
process as in the previous tutorial, changing the lick up and playing it along with a backing track.

3. Building a Blues Lick
In this blues level 2 tutorial, we'll take a look at some basic building blocks to get you started on creating your own licks and building a blues
vocabulary. We'll look at the importance of the root note, adding hammer-ons and pull-offs, a bend, combining these ideas, and playing them with
backing tracks

4. Owning Your Blues Licks
In this second "building blocks" tutorial on blues, we'll take longer fragments of licks and how to creatively put them together. Then we'll look
at how to change up the rhythm and timing, repeating notes, and other variations and play them along with a backing track. We'll also look at
playing in different keys, and how the same note can be played different places on the neck.

5. Mining the Minor Scale
Learn what you can do to start finding your own voice in your soloing, using the minor scale.

6. Breakin' In the Blues Scale
Bring your blues scale into a performance context.
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