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iOS Development for Android Developers

iOS Development for Android Developers
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Learn how to develop iOS 9 applications with Swift 2.2 using your Android & Java skills
iOS Development for Android Developers provides a through introduction to iOS app development using the wildly popular Swift programming language. With almost 7.5 hours of engaging video lectures and all the project files used in the videos, this course is designed to take students with no experience in Swift and little experience in Android to accomplished and COMPLETE mobile app developers.

Why Swift? Since its introduction, Swift has rapidly taken its place as the successor of Objective-C for apps development. Its syntax is easy to read and understand. Its a modern programming language that supports closures, type inference, protocols, class extensions, and so much more. It is 2.6x times faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python 2.7!

Some of the top-rated iOS apps using Swift are LinkedIn, Strava, Yahoo Weather, Clear, Lyft, Khan Academy, Omvana and much more. iOS developers with strong knowledge in Swift command some of the highest salaries in the development world and are in high demand.

This course takes a very structured approach of teaching Swift. Everything from "Hello World" to Protocol-Oriented Programming is covered. Students acquire skills rapidly through a deep-dive in the world of Swift and iOS development with three chapter projects.

All the projects are done from scratch, limiting the use of shortcuts so students can understand what's really going on under the hood of Swift applications and can design them the way they want. Then with solid knowledge and understanding already in place, rapid prototyping methods are introduced in later parts of the course through the use of CocoaPods; a dependency manager very similar to Gradle dependency manager in Android development that allows the use of external libraries, called Pods, which streamlines the process of rapid development in a professional environment.

Some key features of this course are:

35 lectures and 7+ hours of video content
Swift 2.2 programming from writing your first program to say "Hello World" to Protocol-Oriented Programming while building multiple chapter projects along the way
iOS 9 Development using Xcode 7 IDE which takes the student through the principles of UI development and then teaching some advanced techniques to streamline the process.
iOS MVC structure in-depth - Models, Views, Controllers
How to persist your app's data using CoreData
Networking & Concurrency
Workspace management with Synx
Better networking with Alamofire CocoaPod
Swifty parsing of JSON files using SwiftyJSON
much, much more!
By the end of this course, you will:

Learn a new language and increase your value
Understand and transfer knowledge from Android to iOS development
Become a Complete Mobile App Developer
Develop a library app with a catchy UI that persists data and handles networking requests
Develop a sleek YouTube player app that parses a JSON request gracefully, handles concurrency with REST API requests, and plays your favourite YouTube videos without leaving your app.

iOS Development for Android Developers

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