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O'Reilly - Software Architecture Conference 2016 - New York
O'Reilly - Software Architecture Conference 2016 - New York
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Title: O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2016 - New York, New York
By: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Video: April 2016
Run time: 52 hours 24 minutes


SACON 2016 New York offered 57 presentations on the challenges software architects face as they engineer the future of software. The conference revolved around nine specific themes (reactive and it's variants, integration architecture, scale, security, dev ops, etc.) with an emphasis on architecture fundamentals (when to migrate legacy code, choosing the correct data layer, etc.); designing distributed systems (creating real-time data pipelines using Apache Kafka, Cassandra and Spark; building better application-factory infrastructures using container-based multitenancy, etc.); and on the pros and cons of microservices (ten sessions on this topic alone). Get this video compilation and you'll have at your-own-pace access to 64 software architects with world-wide cred, including such notables as Thierry Delprat, CTO, Nuxeo; Rebecca Parsons, CTO, ThoughtWorks; David Boloker, CTO, Emerging Internet Technology, IBM; Ted Malaska, Solutions Architect, Cloudera; Chad Arimura, CEO,; Sam Lambert, Systems Director, GitHub; and many more. Purchasers can download the videos or view them through our HD player.

See all seven keynotes, all seven tutorials and each of the 43 sessions
Understand the pros and cons of refactoring your systems into microservices
Learn to embrace cloud-ready JVM architecture by integrating the best from Java EE and Spring
Explore how to design resilient applications in the face of unexpected failure and load situations
Hear about new research surrounding distributed monotonic clocks and NTP
Learn 12 patterns and practices for building microservice APIs that can safely evolve over time
Discover why "SOA good, monolith bad" isn't always true
Learn to conduct a skillful past-mortem that reveals the causes of architectural failure and success
Hear how the New York Times, GitHub, and HomeDepot faced the microservices challenge

O'Reilly - Software Architecture Conference 2016 - New York

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