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Sean Mize - Mega Content Reseller Package

Sean Mize - Mega Content Reseller Package

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The Easy Way to Release a Product a Week to Sell To Your List . . .

From: Sean Mize
To: Clients of Sean Mize:

Do you ever dream about the business you would build if you had more time, if you had the ability to create dozens, hundreds of products, trainings, podcasts and so on?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if 3 years ago you had started creating one product a month and now you had 150 products to sell, all sitting on your website with a buy button?

Do you ever kick yourself that you didn't?

And yet, when you think about it right now, you just can't see taking the next 3 years to do it from scratch?

And then maybe if you do think about you are like, I need to make something happen right now?

I get it.

I know how you feel.

And even after 9 1/2 years in this business I still feel that way sometimes.

You may know that I'm building the world's biggest internet marketing website - and it's taken me several years to complete the backbone of it.

Thought it would be easier, would be faster.

But it isn't.

All of that to say, I get it.

I understand how you feel.

Now, let me ask you this:

How would you like a hand-up?

And push up?

And rappeling rope to get you to the next level?

What if you could build that website and put an ecommerce page on it, right now, with 150 products to sell?

And then maybe next month you add some plr products from another marketer?

And then take a month off, and then add some from someone else?

If that would feel good, I want to make it easy for you.

But wait, before you read any further,

This is NOT for you if you don't want that kind of business.

If you are going to get hung up on the fact that I have created these trainings and that they are in my voice, this isn't for you.

If you are going to get hung up on the fact that you are going to have to build a website and you are going to have to go into paypal or ejunkie or recurly or stripe and make a payment button for each one and you are going to have to route delivery directions for each payment button so that if someone buys product A they get product A delivered via automated autoresponder delivery and if they buy product B they get product B and so on all the way up to ZZ, then this isn't for you.

Just because I am going to make this simple, doesn't mean it won't be work.

It WILL be work, just like it's been for me.

Not easy.

So if you still want to think about this . . .

Imagine you had access to 100+ products you could put on your site for sale.

A payment button for each one.

A membership for people who want to get access to them all.

A delivery for each one.

A series of emails to help sell them.

How would your life be different with all that in place?

What if you were to create a generically-named internet marketing company, like ABC Internet Marketing Corp

Or the Zealous Marketer Corporation or the New York Internet Marketing Federation or something else.

And instead having YOUR products, you sold my products, plus products from 2 other marketers.

Kind of like the Napoleon Hill Foundation does.

You focus on a topic, not a name or a guru and each week in your email campaign you "recommend" a training just as if you were selling an affiliate item each week, but instead of getting paid 50% for referring it, you get paid 100% into YOUR account.

If you had that set up, would it be easier to simply drive traffic to your squeeze page, then promote your various products by me and 2 other gurus week after week after week?

You simply create a page on your website for each sales letter

And a payment button routed for that product

And a delivery mechanism for that product

And you had it all available to you in one place, so you could add one product per week and promote it to your list?

And in addition to that, I would grant you full private label rights so you have unlimited rights to resell each product or make any changes you want.

It's like private label rights on steroids.

If that would feel, good, I think you will love this:

This is my Mega-Training Center ready-to-go website builder package:

You get 100+ trainings that are ready to resell, one per week (or as many as you want)

With complete directions, including video instructions for how to put each on your website

And you simply write a simple 3 day email campaign each week for Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and each week you run it on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and then on Monday/Wednesday/Friday you write a content email to keep folks wanting to read your emails.

And I'll give you the formula for that - on video as well!

It's my Mega-Training Center ready-to-go website builder package

and you'll get these 100+ trainings you can put on your website as well:

Here's a partial list of what is included in the Mega-Training Center ready-to-go website builder package:

First, there are 46 trainings, 26 of which comes with a sales page:
How to Create a High-Ticket Business Selling $1000 - $10,000 Packages
How to Double or Triple Your Email Campaign Conversion Rates
How to Write a Product Launch Email Campaign
4 Week Make Your First Sale Class - Recordings
How to Get Big Traffic From Massive Content
How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel For Maximum Sales
$100k/Month 2015 Business Model
How to Sell $200k a Year in Low-Ticket Sales
Unlimited Buyer Traffic From Your Competitors Traffic Sources
How to Create Products Fast With Teleseminars
Discover the Emotional Hot Buttons and Precise Persuasive Words in Your Niche
How to Create a Million Person Business
How to Scale Up to a Million Dollar Business
Build a Story Line Sales Funnel to Sell More in the InfoMarket
Overcoming Distractions
Discover the Complete $100k Info-Entrepreneurs Formula
How to Develop Relentlessness in Your Business and Your Life
The One Key Secret to Achieving Your Goals
$129k on the Warrior Forum in 6 Months
Discover the Secret to Launching Your Coaching Program in 10 Days or Less!
$5k a Month Super Simple Business Model
20 Assorted Additional WSOS
My Most Innovative Million-Dollar Ideas (This is loaded with un-implemented ideas YOU can use!)
$60k on the Warrior Forum (Diary Style From Last Fall)
How to Create a Kindle Book From Recordings and Dictations
Discover the Easy Secret to Viral Growth in Your Business
The $10k/Month Business Model I Use With My Highest Level Clients
$10 Million Blueprint For 2016 (Totally Innovative to Listen to!)
Time Management for 2016: Achieve Your Dreams in 1/4 of the Time!

That's over 26 freestanding wsos PLUS the 20 WSO pack for a total of over 46 wsos -
PLUS - there are about 50 more training programs:
Integrated Conversion Campaign -(My most in-depth, psychologically deep training on writing email campaigns from scratch using my special integrated conversion formula) (I sell for $387)
Become a Guru Training - (This is extensive training on how to create your own guru business) (I sell for $2000)
Offer and Conversion Formula - (I sell for $387)
30 Day Info Business($77) (teaches you how to start your info business and make it profitable)
Advanced Optimization and Profit Techniques ($97) (how to grow your info business to the next level through optimization techniques)
Content Marketing Training Program ($97) (how to use content online like blog posts, youtubes, videos, and other content to drive quality traffic to your site)
Fast Start Coaching Program Launch Course ($100 value) (How to launch a coaching program NEXT WEEK - the BIGGEST coaching selling week of the year!!)
Coaching Class Teleseminar Selling ($100 value) (How to sell over teleseminars)
Forum Consultant Training Program($379)
Email Campaign Toolbox ($97) (emails and tools to make writing your email campaign really easy)
Targeted Traffic Training Program ($97) (my latest traffic training - how to get targeted traffic to your site in your niche)
Watch Me Build an Info Business in 7 Days (This is exactly what I did in 7 days to build a brand new site and coaching program in my business, you get to watch and learn right along as I did it) (I sell for $107)
Reverse Funnel Training Program($77) (How to set up your funnel so that you are selling $1000 training instead of $7 training)
Sales Funnel Mojo - Cutting Edge Training Teaching You the Exact Techniques I Use and Teach to Super-Optimize Email Campaigns and Sales Funnels

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