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Display Network Bootcamp v2 2016

Display Network Bootcamp v2 2016

Module 1: The Many Ways to Exploit GDN Targeting

Behavioral targeting deep dive - "The future of the internet"
How to use Google's newest feature 'customer match' email lists
Managed placements explained & where to find them
How to use the super-powerful Contextual targeting options the right way
How to get clicks for pennies & CTRs over 20% (hint, it's not YouTube)
How to leverage your new-found remarketing prowess in your existing search campaigns

Module 2: Building Your Campaigns the Right Way from the Ground Up

The slow way
The fast way
the automatic way (the future is here!)
Bid and Budget management tips from the pros
The only 2 paid tools you'll need for ongoing GDN management
A deep dive into AdWords Editor's more profitable, traffic-pulling features

Module 3: How to Construct Your Offers, Landing Pages & Ad Design

The power of a big-ticket to leverage the power of compound interest with the Display Network
Behind the scenes of a multi-million-dollar Display Network funnel
The good, the bad and the ugly.example landing pages
Steal Mike's landing page checklist
The importance of keeping your visitors happy & why 'scent' is important
How to test different ad designs without wasting time and money
Where to 'borrow' ideas for interesting ad design
The single most important ad size

Module 4: How to Plan & Measure for Success

How to tie your display strategy to your big-picture business goals and not get mired in the quicksand of AdWords minutia
How to track conversions quickly, accurately and painlessly
The "optimum conversion rate" you must achieve.and why you'll sputter and flail to reach profitability if you don't
Steal Mike's conversion audit checklist
Google's Tag Manager. Should you use it? Why, and most importantly, how?
How to use call tracking to maximize conversions

Module 5: Advanced Session (Basic+ and VIP Only)

Diving deeper into Gmail ads
The updated YouTube interface, what you need to know
How to use pivot tables to super-charge your account management
How to use 'similar' audience lists most effectively and profitably
Advanced campaign settings
More Adwords Editor tips & tricks

This share is for the basic level with the four webinars

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