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Infinite Skills: Distributed Systems in One Lesson Training Video
Distributed Systems in One Lesson Training Video
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Instructor: Tim Berglund

Simple tasks like running a program or storing and retrieving data become much more complicated when you do them on collections of computers, rather than single machines. Distributed systems have become a key architectural construct, but they affect everything a program would normally do.
Using a series of examples taken from a fictional coffee shop operation, this video course with Tim Berglund helps you explore five key areas of distributed systems, including storage, computation, timing, communication, and consensus. You?ll also learn about some distributed programming paradigms.

If you?re an experienced developer looking to sharpen your architectural skills?particularly with regard to big data?this is one course you shouldn?t miss.
- Dive into the five main problems areas in distributed systems?storage, computation, messaging, timing, and consensus
- Understand key challenges that emerge in each of these areas as you move from single-processor to a distributed architecture
- Discover one or more common open-source products that address each problem area

Tim Berglund is a full-stack generalist and passionate teacher who loves coding, presenting, and working with people. He?s the founder and principal software developer at August Technology Group, a technology consulting firm focused on the JVM. Tim is an international speaker and co-presenter of the bestselling McCullough and Berglund on Mastering Git (O?Reilly).

Table of Contents
- 01. Distributed Systems in One Lesson
- Welcome
- What Distributed Systems Are, and Why They Exist
- Read Replication
- 0104 Sharding
- 0105 Consistent Hashing
- 0106 CAP Theorem
- 0107 Distributed Transactions
- 0108 Distributed Computation Introduction
- 0109 Map Reduce
- 0110 Hadoop
- 0111 Spark
- 0112 Storm
- 0113 Lambda Architecture
- 0114 Synchronization
- 0115 Network Time Protocol
- 0116 Vector Clocks
- 0117 Distributed Consensus: Paxos
- 0118 Zookeeper
- 0119 Messaging Introduction
- 0120 Kafka
- 0121 Wrap-Up


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