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cmiVFX: Cinema 4D Ultimate Learning System 2.0 Volume 2
cmiVFX: Cinema 4D Ultimate Learning System 2.0 Volume 1,2
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So you think you can model? Good with layout? Thats great, but are your renders falling flat anyway? Cinema 4D Materials are some of the most robust tools in the industry, and learning them takes practice and muscle memory. Let cmiVFX inject you with both with this feature length video on shader materials. This volume will cover a ton of information on materials. Walk away with the confidence you crave and deserve after checking this video out! When it comes to high end visual effect training, there is only one choice,
Chapter Descriptions
Some of the work we see at cmiVFX is very promising for the amount of submissions. However, even though it is far better than even 5 years ago, one of the leading areas of failure fall in the range of how materials interact with the surfaces and with the lighting. This video covers that mixture quite well. We expect to see a major increase in quality of student work shortly after this video hits the market.
Surface Shader

In the first chapter we introduce you to Material Manager and create a shader using a variety of textures in the various channels. Then well review This list of procedural textures:
Fresnel, Gradient, Noise, Fusion, Layer Shader, Brick, Cloud, Cyclone, Display Color, Earth, Fire, Galaxy, Marble, Metal, Pavement, Planet, Star Field, Tiles, Venus, Wood
FX Shaders

Next we will cover some FX Textures and how to get the best results from them:
Ambient Occlusion, Back Lit, Distorter, Lumis, Normalizer, Pixel
FX Shaders Continued

Now we will continue exploring FX Textures that integrate with particles and splines:
Posterizer, Proximal Shader, Ripple, Spline Shader, Vortex Shader
SSS & Toon Shaders

Finally well cover some really deep shader systems:
Sub Surface Scattering, Spectral, Sketch & Toon - see the variety of amazing looks that can be achieved with these effects textures.
About The Instructor

Chris Maynard, award winning, international software GUI designer and the owner, Chief Public Partner, as well as Head Researcher of the profit-sharing organization known as
Project Contents
All cmiVFX videos come with all the training materials you need right from our website. No matter what time of day, your location, or how your feeling, cmiVFX will be there waiting for you!


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