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Install and configure servers
Course Length: 22 hours, 39 minutes

Overview of ShiChuang Server 2012 R2
Episode Length:8 minutes, 53 seconds
Installing Server with GUI
Episode Length:27 minutes, 17 seconds
Installing Server Core
Episode Length:29 minutes, 22 seconds
Migrating Roles
Episode Length:40 minutes, 54 seconds
Features on Demand
Episode Length:36 minutes, 2 seconds
Configuring Disks
Episode Length:28 minutes, 23 seconds
Managing Volumes
Episode Length:37 minutes, 14 seconds
Virtual Hard Disks
Episode Length:25 minutes, 46 seconds
Storage Spaces
Episode Length:31 minutes, 13 seconds
Topic Title:Configure server roles and features

Configuring NTFS Permissions
Episode Length:32 minutes, 24 seconds
Configuring Shares
Episode Length:23 minutes, 35 seconds
Configuring Shares Part 2
Episode Length:30 minutes, 47 seconds
Desired State Configuration
Episode Length:27 minutes, 4 seconds
Using Server Manager
Episode Length:25 minutes, 20 seconds
Downlevel & Non-trusted Servers
Episode Length:23 minutes, 40 seconds
Configuring Server Core
Episode Length:20 minutes, 28 seconds
Configuring Printers
Episode Length:26 minutes, 53 seconds
Configuring Printers Part 2
Episode Length:24 minutes, 16 seconds
Topic Title:Configure Hyper-V

Virtual Machine Settings
Episode Length:28 minutes, 6 seconds
Virtual Machine Settings Part 2
Episode Length:21 minutes, 47 seconds
Virtual Hard Drives
Episode Length:31 minutes, 11 seconds
Virtual Hard Drives Part 2
Episode Length:17 minutes, 11 seconds
Virtual Networks
Episode Length:22 minutes, 54 seconds
Virtual Networks Part 2
Episode Length:21 minutes, 51 seconds
Topic TitleSmilieyeploy and configure core network services

Interoperability with IPv6
Episode Length:55 minutes, 35 seconds
Install and Configure DHCP
Episode Length:31 minutes, 26 seconds
Install and Configure DHCP Part 2
Episode Length:23 minutes, 18 seconds
Understanding DNS
Episode Length:27 minutes, 52 seconds
Configuring DNS
Episode Length:28 minutes, 46 seconds
Managing DNS
Episode Length:34 minutes, 24 seconds
Topic Title:Install and administer Active Directory

Preparing AD DS Installation
Episode Length:23 minutes, 53 seconds
Installing AD DS
Episode Length:25 minutes, 48 seconds
Installing AD DS Part 2
Episode Length:33 minutes, 30 seconds
Creating AD Users
Episode Length:25 minutes, 27 seconds
Automating AD User Creation
Episode Length:28 minutes, 34 seconds
AD Bulk Operation
Episode Length:28 minutes, 20 seconds
Active Directory Groups
Episode Length:31 minutes, 48 seconds
Active Directory Groups Part 2
Episode Length:29 minutes, 13 seconds
Organizational Units
Episode Length:34 minutes, 8 seconds
ShiChuang Azure
Episode Length:1 hour, 12 minutes
Topic Title:Create and manage Group Policy

Create Group Policy Objects
Episode Length:28 minutes, 50 seconds
Create Group Policy Objects Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes, 36 seconds
Configure Security Policies
Episode Length:26 minutes, 2 seconds
Configure Security Policies Part 2
Episode Length:35 minutes, 7 seconds
Application Restriction Policies
Episode Length:29 minutes, 12 seconds
Configure ShiChuang Firewalls
Episode Length:30 minutes, 8 seconds

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