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Ramit Sethi - Call to Action SITERIP

Ramit Sethi - Call to Action SITERIP
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In this email, I'm using a strategy that's explosively grown my business. It Works Even if you're not a "natural" writer Even if you don't have a huge email list Even if you're stretched thin with a million to-dos
And most business owners
skip right over it.
In 2010, I wrote this email to promote a new product we'd created. I wrote it. I agonized over it. I threw it away and started again. And finally, when it was ready, I clicked send.
Within 24 hours, that email pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars.
But that's just the beginning.
Since 2010, this email has been invisibly running in our systems. During that time, it has automatically generated millions of dollars - just that one email.

Here's a sales report from 5 years later:

Same email. Same copy
The millions we've earned from that one email has allowed me to aggressively invest in myself and my business. I used that money to train with the best mentors I could find. I hired the best designers, the best project managers, the best support team. That money allows me to advertise and acquire even more customers, and build even better products. This is what business people call a "virtuous cycle."
I'd like to show you how to build that virtuous cycle into your business so you stand out, get more customers, and generate more revenue.for the exact same work.
Revenue Growth

The power of great copy: IWT Revenue Growth 2009-2014
Along the way, I'm going to challenge the way you think about growing your business. Hint: So many people think about getting new customers and building products, but completely neglect.

There's a highly overlooked strategy to grow your that most business owners overlook.
Every day, you and I have a million different options on how we can grow our businesses:

Find more traffic
Convert more customers
Build more products
Redesign our website
Split-test our confirmation page

And on and on.
When faced with this infinite number of choices, what do we do?
A little bit of everything!
"I know.I'll start a Twitter account.then post on my Facebook page a couple times a week.and try to promote myself on Tuesdays."
Pretty soon, we wake up and notice we're jumping from tactic to tactic. No time to focus. No time to go deep on the things that matter. It's no surprise that we're tempted by clickbait articles like "10 ways to grow your business." As if another shiny tactic will help.
The truth is, you'll always have an overwhelming number of options to grow your business. It's your job to decide on the most important levers to pull - the ones that move the needle - and say "no" to the ones that can wait until later.
Which is why I want to challenge you on something you might be overlooking.
Other business owners think about building the best product, designing a beautiful website, and creating awesome customer service. All good things.
In fact, you might have the best product, the best web design, even the best customer service. But what's the first thing a potential customer sees?
It's not your product. It's not your whiz-bang technology. It's not your customer service.
The first thing that anyone sees in your business is what they read on your website and your emails.
The first thing they see is your
Nothing else comes close. Your copywriting is truly the "tip of the spear" - the first cut, the one that matters. It is what your users see. It drives what they feel.
But what do you see on 90% of other websites?
The same copy. The same hype. The same generic BS. Everyone shouting the same over-the-top promises in ALL CAPS.
And the worst part is, that me-too copy isn't even you. If you actually sat down with someone - a reader, a customer, a friend - and had a real conversation with them, you could help them as one real person to another. But somehow, when you write something online, it turns into the same Frankenstein language that everyone else uses.
"With products ranging from X to Y, we are committed to world-class excellence and stand behind -" ZZzzZZzzZ.
"Lose 20lbs using our Fast-Fast-Loss Formula" - Scam.
"Breathe. Love. Live." - What the hell is this?
Great copy doesn't sound like some stilted business school professor, scammy internet marketer, or airy-fairy headband-wearing life coach wrote it. It sounds natural (because it IS natural - like the words you're reading right now!).
And when you get it right, you connect. You go beyond just transactions or mechanical A/B tests and connect emotionally with your audience. You can make a Call to Action - to read, comment, or even buy - and people WANT to do it. They're delighted to. They're waiting for someone to ask!
No, you don't have to be some professional writer to do this.
Writing isn't some mutant power that a lucky few are born with. It's a skill you can learn.
No, you don't need to be a master of split testing, either.
I've already done millions of dollars worth of testing and can share my results with you.
YES - once you write copy that's "good enough," you can move on.
And you'll reap the rewards for years to come - automatically.
I believe if you're going to learn about growing your business with copywriting, you should learn from someone who's seen it all - someone who's written copy that consistently generates millions of dollars, year after year, for multiple products in different areas. Experience matters.
I've written copy for over 18+ products. Not just $10 ebooks or "make money online" products, either - these products include a New York Times bestselling book, a high-end career program, psychology courses, and an advanced business strategy course. The result: millions and millions of dollars from happy customers and repeated coverage in places like Forbes and Fortune Magazine.

I want to share some of this experience with you. As I wrote all of this copy, I learned a number of surprising things. Here are 3 of my favorite lessons:

The best copy is authentic,
not salesy
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the same old copywriting online. You see the same overblown promises. The same formulaic sales pages. The same words - SUCCESS STRATEGY! FAST FRAMEWORK FORMULA! - which make me want to die. (Why do all women's life coaches sound "sassy?")
Your copy should not sound like mine. My copy does not sound like a life coach's. And none of our copy should sound like the copywriting that Verizon, the wireless telecommunications company, uses.

Get "good enough" - move on -
and reap the rewards
for years to come
This one was really hard for me. I'm a perfectionist, so as I got better at copywriting, I realized how much more there was to learn. I started diving into increasingly esoteric copywriting books and testing newer and newer concepts.

The best copy tells an irresistible story
There are thousands of books on personal finance. Yet "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" became a New York Times bestseller.
Whatever your business is, there will be other competitors. The key is to stand out and demonstrate why you're different. Show, not just tell.
Let's take a look at what I mean. I just googled "train your ferret to walk on a leash" and got over 67,000 results.

You have a quality product you're proud of. I only work with people who know that providing value is the only way to be successful.
You have a product or service and you want to promote it online - through your website, email, blog posts, sales pages, or social media.
You're patient, deliberate, and methodical. You're committed to spending the time to learn how to create copy the right way, and you know this will not happen overnight. You know that if you put in a few hours a week and do the heavy lifting up front, you can enjoy the rewards for years to come.
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