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Modular synths are back... and here to stay. And Rishabh Rajan is here to teach us all about the Moog Mother 32! So learn the Moog and modular synthesis at the same time in this wonderfully produced two-for-one course!

We love modular synthesis. Where else can you have such absolute control over every aspect of your sounds? With all the new interest in Eurorack, we've decided to dive into synthesis big time. That's why we're excited to bring you this truly great course by our esteemed synth trainer, Rishabh Rajan!

This course takes you on a control voltage journey though every aspect of the Moog Mother 32. You learn everything about its oscillators, filters VCAs, modulators and sequencer. You also learn all about the mysterious concept of voltage control which was developed simultaneously (yet independently) by the legendary fathers of modern synthesis: Donald Buchla and Robert Moog.

When you complete this course you will be a Moog Mother 32 expert and, at the same time, a lot more knowledgeable about voltage control modular synthesis! Sit back and plug in!


1. Introduction(02:18)
Mother 32 Architecture
2. Synth Architecture(04:20)
Voltage Basics
3. Understanding Voltage(03:32)
Mother 32 Controls
4. Resetting Controls(02:37)
5. Oscillator Section(02:41)
6. Filter Section(04:45)
7. Amp Section(02:44)
8. Modulation(08:19)
9. Sequencing in Step Mode(10:34)
10. Sequencing in Keyboard Mode(06:09)
Patching Examples
11. Filter Cutoff Keytracking(01:26)
12. Increasing Modulation Depth(02:52)
13. Filter Self-Oscillation(01:32)
14. Key Tracking Filter with VC Mix(01:43)
15. True Resonant High Pass Filter(02:37)
16. LFO as Audio Rate Oscillator(02:14)
17. Simultaneous Square/Triangle LFO...(03:05)
18. Two Mod Sources to One Destinati...(03:28)
19. Noise Transient(03:14)
20. Octave Bounce(03:21)
21. Synthesizing a Kick Drum(02:37)
22. Assign CV Out(04:52)

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