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MindValley Omharmonics

MindValley Omharmonics

How OmHarmonics demo goes beyond regular binaural beats

Binaural Beats play one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear.

This causes your brain to effortlessly create a third frequency, which exists entirely in your head. This third frequency can be used to create altered states of consciousness to help you relax, focus, sleep better, and more.
Introducing OmHarmonics:
Instantly meditate your way to perfect days

OmHarmonics is a collection of unique meditation audios engineered to effortlessly guide you into deep meditation.

The beauty of OmHarmonics is that you can use these tracks for different stages throughout your day, such as waking up, being productive at work, or recovering from a hectic day.

Each track comes in 2 versions: 30-minutes and 15-minutes, designed to fit your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

It's like having a magic button that gives you wonderful feelings on demand. Can you visualize the kind of impact this would have on your life?
Here's Why This Is Important To You

See, OmHarmonics Allows You To Instantly Experience:


Studies show that meditation relaxes your muscles and declutters your mind. The result is total mind and body rejuvenation, and near immunity to stress and pressures of everyday life.


With OmHarmonics, you'll experience refreshing, rejuvenating deep sleep. With this one simple change in your resting schedule, you'll see immediate results.


Amplify your ability to tap into ideas and create new ones. By connecting thoughts from both your conscious and subconscious mind, OmHarmonics will help you unlock new ideas easier than ever before.


Effortlessly achieve laser-sharp focus and develop a goal-oriented mindset. In this state of mind, you can accomplish all your daily tasks in less time.


To date, 1,400+ studies confirm that meditation has a powerful impact on every aspect of a person, from lowering blood pressure, to strengthening the immune system.

Created By 2 Guys Who Love Meditation

OmHarmonics was created out of the need of a modern day alternative to traditional meditation audios.

Vishen Lakhiani, is a technology entrepreneur and engineer and is the founder of Mindvalley, the world's fastest personal growth company, and is one of the biggest promoters of meditation in the world today.

Paul Hoffman is a remarkable award-winning audio engineer who has been creating advanced technologies for sound to transform consciousness for over 2 decades.

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