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Truefire - Adam Levy Essentials Slow Burn Soloing (2015)

Truefire - Adam Levy Essentials Slow Burn Soloing (2015)
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Every guitar player should know how to craft a solo that tells a story. Storytelling means having a clear beginning, middle, and ending - maybe with some drama and perhaps even some humor too. That kind of soloing helps us connect with our listeners, and that's what Adam Levy's Essentials: Slow Burn Soloing course is all about.
A few of the guitarists who we would consider to be masters of this slow burn soloing technique are Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Otis Rush, James Burton, and even John Mayer. Learning to create slow burn solos is essential because it help us to think beyond the guitar and in more compositional ways. Not just playing licks, but digging deeper and making more musical choices.

In this course, you'll jump right into the playing. Adam Levy will guide you through 10 performance studies in different keys and feels. You'll touch on soft rock and mellow melodies, Beatles-esque slow jams, phrasing across bar lines, and you'll also play over more sophiscated changes, visit the blues with a longer-form solo, and touch on soul jazz, which is a natural fit for slow burn soloing. Finally, you'll cook up some Memphis soul stew and drop the tempo for a sophisticated shuffle.

Adam will perform every piece and then break it down for you. Everything is tabbed and notated for you, and you'll even get the live band rhythm tracks to play along with as well. So grab your guitar, leave your pet licks behind, and get ready to make some real music with Adam Levy's Essentials: Slow Burn Soloing.

About the Series

Designed for intermediate and advanced students, TrueFire's Essentials courses consist of performance studies focused on the essential harmonic and technical characteristics of a particular style of playing. Educators first perform the study for demonstration purposes and then break it down for the student. Performance studies include tab, notation and practice rhythm tracks.



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