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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Bundle 1 April 2016

Unreal Engine Marketplace – Bundle 1 April 2016 | 2.08 GB

Advanced Village Pack

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Advanced Village Pack, built exclusively for Unreal Engine 4.

At a glance, the Advanced Village Pack includes the following:
• Over 140 assets: High Quality Static Meshes, Blueprints, Effects and Materials.
• The more complex actors like the houses and the trees have Blueprints counterparts that allow for a fast and smooth customization.
• Advanced materials that can represent a wide range of surfaces, from wood and metal to foliage, fire, smoke and water.
• 4096×4096 tightly packed textures with Diffuse, Roughness, Metallic, Opacity and NormalMap information.
• Selected actors support Day and Night Cycle. For example the houses and street lamps lit up during night-time.
• Example of a basic Day and Night system that can be further expanded for your specific project.
• Clean and well commented Blueprints and materials, making it easy to modify if necessary.
Technical Details

• Texture Size (please list textures for each resolution):
• Props: 4096×4096
• Tree crowns: 64×64 and 1024×1024
• Landscape: 1024×1024
• Effects: 32×32 and 4096×2048
• Collision: Yes (Complex Decomposition)
• Vertex Count: Depending on the asset, complex props like the houses between 1200 and 2000, trees ~1000, stones between 50 and 100 vertex.
• Number of Meshes: 126
• Number of Materials and Material Instances: 10 Materials and 27 Material Instances
• Number of Textures: 62
• Engine Compatibility: 4.8 and up
• Intended Platform: Desktop, Consoles, Mobile
• Platforms Tested: Desktop (ShiChuang)
FPS Weapon Pack Vol 2

This weapon pack is optimized for first person combat games and contains 6 weapons (shotgun, submachine guns, assault rifles and a handgun). Some weapons have an alternative version or extra attachments. Alternative textures are included for all weapons and some textures have support for custom color, size and position. All weapons are rigged for animation and tris count range from around 3500 to 17.000 tris.
Technical Details

Intended for desktop.
Lowpoly fbx files of all weapons are included.
3 alternative weapon versions (all weapons and versions are included in the screenshots).
3 extra attachments (silencer, red dot sight, vertical grip).
All weapons have a static mesh and a rigged skeletal mesh ready for animation.
Weapon textures are 2048×2048 and alternative textures have the same size except for tiling textures that varies from 512×512 to 1024×1024. Ammunition textures varies from 256×256 to 512×512.
2 master materials and 40 instances all with albedo, normals and a materialmask (roughness, metalness, occlusion).
Assault rifles range from 8900 to 17200 tris, submachine guns range from 3800 to 8000 tris. Shotguns range from 8200 to 10800 tris and the pistol has around 3400 tris.
Weapons are available in both X-axis and Y-axis.
No sounds, animations, Fx or LODs are included.
Low Poly Rainforest Pack

Low Poly Rainforest Pack containing 44 tropical trees, bushes, props and modular huts.
Technical Details

All trees reference one material atlas for leaves and one for bark.
PBR Albedo, Normal, AO/Roughness Maps.
Animated Wind
Mobile versions of materials also included.
Includes Collision.
Includes LODs
Trees range from 76 to 1840 TRIS.
Ground Plants range from 18 to 270 TRIS.

• (4) Palm Trees
• (3) Bamboo Plants
• (2) Large Trees
• (1) Fern
• (3) Ground Palm Plants
• (5) Ground Plants
• (3) Grass.
• (2) Large Leaf Plants
• (1) Root
• (1) Vine (Spline enabled)
• (1) Rock
• (15) Modular Hut Pieces.
• (3) Rope Bridge Sections (Spline Enabled)
• (2) Looping Nature Sound Effects.
• (1) 4096 Leaves Atlas, 1x Albedo/Alpha, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness.
• (1) 4096 Bark Atlas, 1x Albedo, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness.
• (1) 4096 Wood Atlas, 1x Albedo, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness.
• (1) 4096 Thatch Material 1x Albedo, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness.
• (1) 4096×2048 Thatch Edge 1x Albedo/Alpha, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness.
• (4) Blendable Landscape Textures, 4x Albedo, 4 x Normal, 4x AO/Roughness.
• (1) Demo Scene
Low Poly Snow Forest

Low Poly Snow Forest Pack containing 52 snowy trees, bushes, props and a modular log cabin.
Technical Details

For the most optimised performance all trees and plants reference a material atlas each.
The cabin uses 1 main atlas and 1 glass material
PBR Albedo, Normal, AO/Roughness Maps.
Animated Wind
Mobile versions of materials also included.
Includes collision.
Lods and Billboards Included.
Trees range from 200 to 1800 Tris.
Ground Plants range from 6 to 100 Tris.

• (2) Silver Birch
• (1) Fir Tree
• (3) Spruce Trees
• (4) Tall Trees – Including Photoscanned Trunk
• (4) Ferns
• (6) Bushes
• (3) Grass
• (5) Ground Plants
• (10) Modular Cabin Pieces
• (1) Fence – Spline Enabled
• (1) Snow Track
• (2) Chopped Logs (1x Covered)
• (3) Snow Mounds
• (1) Mushroom
• (2) Photoscanned Rocks
• (1) Photoscanned Tree Trunk
• (3) Looping Bird Sound Effects
• (1) 2048 Snow Texture, 1x Albedo, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness
• (1) 4k Foliage Atlas, 1x Albedo/Alpha, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness
• (1) 4k Prop Atlas, 1x Albedo, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness
• (1) 4k Cabin Atlas, 1x Albedo, 1 x Normal, 1x AO/Roughness
• (4) Blendable Landscape Textures, 4x Albedo, 4 x Normal, 4x AO/Roughness
• (1) Demo Scene
Pick Up Physics Objects

With this system you can pick up and interact with physics objects. With Inspect feature you can pick up “inspectable” non-physics objects, interact with them and when you release, automatically return them back to their original location and rotation.

It can be easily integrated into existing projects. To set up simply drag and drop Blueprint Actor called PUPOStarter to your level or add it to player pawn/character as a Child Actor.

PUPO is easy to configure through structures (User Defined Struct) and Input Mappings. Controls for PUPO will be enabled and disabled automatically letting you map inputs without worrying about overriding other controls. Controls of PUPO will be enabled when player is looking at something that can be picked up.
Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 3 Blueprints, 2 structures
• Pick up/Rotate/Move/Change distance(move further/closer)/Throw physics objects
• Main settings:
MaxGrabDistance – floatMaxCarryWeight – floatCanPickUpPhysicsObjects – bool (Inspect feature will work regardless) HoldKeyToPickUp – bool (If false, press to pick up and press again to drop. Inspect mode always uses press to pick up)
• If grab distance is exceeded while holding it, object will be dropped automatically
• Picked up object will rotate according to camera
• Inspect mode: Make static mesh Inspectable by adding “PUPOInspect” tagRotate/move/change distance
• Inspect Settings (applies to inspect mode only): CanRotate – boolCanMove – boolCanChangeDistance – boolInspectDistance – floatObject will be held in “Inspect Distance”Character and camera movement will be disabledDOF effect will be added to background

Input mappings (controls):
• [PUPO]Pick Up/Inspect – action mapping
• [PUPO]Rotate mode – action mapping
• [PUPO]Move mode – action mapping
• [PUPO]Throw – action mapping
• [PUPO]Change distance – axis mapping
• [PUPO]Y Axis 2D (Up/Down) – axis mapping
• [PUPO]X Axis 2D (Right/Left) – axis mapping (Last two mappings are used for rotating and moving picked up object)
European Elements Highway Pack

4 lane highway elements, straights, curves, junctions, exits, parking elements, connections, elevated elements, road signs. 159 elements.
 10 straight elements (4 elevated)
 26 curve elements (13 elevated)
 18 junction elements
 5 connection elements
 2 parking elements
 94 road signs
 3 exit elements
 1 street lamp

Plus Sewer Kit and Simple Cartoon FX
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