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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (ITProTV) | 3.87 GB

Identity & Access Management
Course Length: 13 hours, 10 minutes

AWS Security
Episode Length:33 minutes, 24 seconds
Last Viewed: Apr 8, 2016
IAM Components
Episode Length:33 minutes, 3 seconds
IAM Credentials
Episode Length:22 minutes, 59 seconds
IAM Groups and Roles
Episode Length:28 minutes, 43 seconds
IAM Security Policies
Episode Length:34 minutes, 18 seconds
Additional Security Tools
Episode Length:14 minutes, 21 seconds
Topic Title:Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud
Episode Length:30 minutes, 52 seconds
Virtual Private Cloud Part 2
Episode Length:34 minutes, 49 seconds
Topic Title:Elastic Compute Cloud

EC2 Disk Storage
Episode Length:33 minutes, 18 seconds
EC2 Disk Storage Part 2
Episode Length:24 minutes, 8 seconds
Monitoring EC2 Performance
Episode Length:31 minutes, 7 seconds
Monitoring Custom Metrics
Episode Length:32 minutes, 14 seconds
Topic Title:High Availability

High Availability
Episode Length:39 minutes, 23 seconds
Topic Title:Elastic Load Balancer

Elastic Load Balancing
Episode Length:31 minutes, 46 seconds
Elastic Load Balancing Part 2
Episode Length:18 minutes, 40 seconds
Monitoring ELB
Episode Length:20 minutes, 3 seconds
Topic Title:Route 53

Redundancy with Route 53
Episode Length:31 minutes, 55 seconds
Redundancy with Route 53 Part 2
Episode Length:25 minutes, 30 seconds
Redundancy with Route 53 Part 3
Episode Length:23 minutes, 18 seconds
Topic Title:Relational Database Service

RDS Redundancy
Episode Length:30 minutes, 7 seconds
Topic Title:Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration
Episode Length:31 minutes, 46 seconds
Topic Title:Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery Services
Episode Length:33 minutes, 43 seconds
Backup and Recovery Services Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes
Backup and Restore Scenarios
Episode Length:31 minutes, 46 seconds
Backing up RDS
Episode Length:31 minutes, 48 seconds
Topic Title:Billing and Cost Management

Billing and Cost Management
Episode Length:32 minutes, 4 seconds
Billing and Cost Management Part 2
Episode Length:23 minutes




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