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Maintenance & Setup: Electric Guitars & Basses Vols 1 & 2

Maintenance & Setup: Electric Guitars & Basses Vols 1 & 2
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Learn from real-world jobs - guitars belonging to real customers. Every time I turned around, the exact job I needed waltzed in the door! This is for players as well as repair shops, and even experienced repair techs will find some gems in this DVD." - Dan
Information covered:
Evaluating the guitar before setup
Dating a guitar by potentiometer code
Getting an unworkable truss rod working perfectly
Cleaning dirty potentiometers
Straightening a collapsed Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Cleaning, and replacing corroded bridge parts
Comparing and selecting replacement hardware
Slotting saddles to match the fretboard radius
"De-luxeing" Tune-O-Matic bridge saddles
Tone-Pros locking bridge system
Refurbishing the nut for low action and clean sound
Replacing humbucker mounting rings
Low-action setup
Setting pickup pole piece height
Setting intonation

Gretsch Brian Setzer 'Hot-Rod' setup:
Installing TV Jones replacement pickups
Protecting a new guitar while working on it
Fine-tuning a Bigsby vibrato

Setting up Jorma Kaukonen's Tele:
Troubleshooting a pickup that won't work
Rewiring the toggle switch
Jorma's electric action setup for playing blues

Setting up Jack Casady's P-Basses:
Repairing a shrunken pickguard (1963 P-Bass) and freeing up pickups that won't raise or lower
Conquering a hard-to-adjust P-bass truss rod
Repairing '53 Bakelite Telecaster P-Bass saddles
Setups for three of Jack's basses


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