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FirePOWER with Advanced FireSIGHT Administration (ITProTV)
FirePOWER with Advanced FireSIGHT Administration (ITProTV)
Size: 1.79 GB Type: eLearning

Course Length: 7 hours, 50 minutes

Episode Length:13 minutes, 41 seconds
Last Viewed: Apr 8, 2016
Introduction to FirePOWER
Episode Length:37 minutes, 27 seconds
Introduction to FirePOWER Part 2
Episode Length:35 minutes, 32 seconds
Installing FirePOWER
Episode Length:22 minutes, 39 seconds
System and Health Policies
Episode Length:31 minutes, 21 seconds
Object Management
Episode Length:21 minutes, 34 seconds
File Policies
Episode Length:16 minutes, 49 seconds
IPS Policies
Episode Length:49 minutes, 30 seconds
Access Control Policies
Episode Length:24 minutes, 36 seconds
Access Control Policies Part 2
Episode Length:21 minutes, 54 seconds
Network Discovery Policy
Episode Length:35 minutes, 18 seconds
Network Discovery Policy Part 2
Episode Length:17 minutes, 44 seconds
User Management
Episode Length:17 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Length:25 minutes, 52 seconds
Event Analysis
Episode Length:30 minutes, 19 seconds
Snort Preprocessors
Episode Length:23 minutes, 27 seconds
Correlation Policies
Episode Length:20 minutes, 52 seconds
Correlation Policies Part 2
Episode Length:23 minutes, 49 seconds

FirePOWER with Advanced FireSIGHT Administration (ITProTV)

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