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CCNP Routing and Switching - Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ITProTV)
CCNP Routing and Switching - Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ITProTV)
Size: 11.09 GB Type: eLearning

Course Length: 36 hours, 12 minutes

Overview of CCNP Route
Episode Length:14 minutes, 7 seconds
Topic Title:Network Principles

Cisco Express Forwarding
Episode Length:14 minutes, 42 seconds
General Network Challenges
Episode Length:12 minutes, 36 seconds
IP Operations Part 1
Episode Length:21 minutes, 47 seconds
IP Operations Part 2
Episode Length:17 minutes, 40 seconds
TCP Operations
Episode Length:45 minutes, 39 seconds
UDP Operations
Episode Length:19 minutes, 3 seconds
Proposed Changes
Episode Length:38 minutes, 14 seconds
Topic Title:Layer 2 Technologies

Layer 2 Technologies
Episode Length:3 minutes, 19 seconds
Configure PPP
Episode Length:51 minutes, 5 seconds
Frame Relay
Episode Length:1 hour, 42 minutes
Topic Title:Layer 3 Technologies

IP Addressing
Episode Length:1 hour, 10 minutes
IPv6 Addressing
Episode Length:1 hour, 12 minutes
Static Routing
Episode Length:47 minutes, 34 seconds
Default Routing
Episode Length:37 minutes, 46 seconds
Routing Protocols
Episode Length:51 minutes, 6 seconds
Administrative Distance
Episode Length:22 minutes
Passive Interfaces
Episode Length:40 minutes, 49 seconds
VRF Lite
Episode Length:53 minutes, 58 seconds
Route Filtering
Episode Length:1 hour, 32 minutes
Route Redistribution
Episode Length:1 hour, 35 minutes
Route Summarization
Episode Length:1 hour, 37 minutes
Policy Based Routing
Episode Length:54 minutes, 33 seconds
Route Maps
Episode Length:45 minutes, 21 seconds
Loop Prevention
Episode Length:1 hour, 17 minutes
Configure and Verify RIPv2
Episode Length:26 minutes, 48 seconds
Describe RIPng
Episode Length:22 minutes, 9 seconds
EIGRP Packet Types
Episode Length:21 minutes, 32 seconds
EIGRP Neighbors
Episode Length:20 minutes, 9 seconds
EIGRP Neighbors Part 2
Episode Length:23 minutes, 42 seconds
Configure EIGRP Stubs
Episode Length:28 minutes, 10 seconds
EIGRP Load Balancing
Episode Length:30 minutes, 6 seconds
EIGRP Metrics
Episode Length:23 minutes, 7 seconds
EIGRP for IPv6
Episode Length:21 minutes, 57 seconds
OSPF Packet Types
Episode Length:22 minutes, 34 seconds
OSPF Neighbors
Episode Length:31 minutes, 12 seconds
OSPF Neighbors Part 2
Episode Length:18 minutes, 13 seconds
OSPF Network Types
Episode Length:31 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Length:28 minutes, 17 seconds
OSPF Route Types
Episode Length:26 minutes, 36 seconds
OSPF Area Types
Episode Length:21 minutes, 19 seconds
OSPF Area Types Part 2
Episode Length:24 minutes, 31 seconds
OSPF Virtual Links
Episode Length:22 minutes, 38 seconds
OSPF Path Preference
Episode Length:17 minutes, 52 seconds
OSPF for IPv6
Episode Length:29 minutes, 38 seconds
Border Gateway Protocol
Episode Length:29 minutes, 38 seconds
Border Gateway Protocol Part 2
Episode Length:32 minutes
Border Gateway Protocol Part 3
Episode Length:26 minutes, 13 seconds
Border Gateway Protocol Part 4
Episode Length:22 minutes, 35 seconds
BGP Attributes
Episode Length:24 minutes, 1 second
BGP Attributes Part 2
Episode Length:31 minutes, 8 seconds
Topic Title:VPN Technologies

VPN Technologies
Episode Length:23 minutes, 6 seconds
VPN Technologies Part 2
Episode Length:18 minutes, 24 seconds
Topic Title:Infrastructure Security

Episode Length:31 minutes, 5 seconds
Device Access Control
Episode Length:26 minutes, 50 seconds
Router Security Features
Episode Length:28 minutes, 25 seconds
Topic Title:Infrastructure Services

Device Management
Episode Length:29 minutes, 37 seconds
Device Management Part 2
Episode Length:20 minutes, 2 seconds
Device Management Part 3
Episode Length:28 minutes, 48 seconds
Device Management Part 4
Episode Length:28 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Length:21 minutes, 24 seconds
Network Address Translation
Episode Length:25 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Length:32 minutes, 12 seconds

CCNP Routing and Switching - Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ITProTV)

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