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CM-Ans Edition- LinuxCBT Configuration Management with Ansible
CM-Ans Edition- LinuxCBT Configuration Management with Ansible | 1.44 GB
Duration: 8 Hours

01 Ingress
02 Welcome Message
03 Setup Ansible
04 Ansible Groups
05 Ad Hoc Commands
06 Modules I Basics
07 Modules II Packages
08 Modules III Miscellaneous
09 Playbooks I Check Basics
10 Playbooks II Defaults Packages
11 Inventory VARs Basics
12 Facts Conditionals
13 Nested VARs Walkthrough
14 Template Usage
15 Notify Handlers
16 Organize Config Files
17 Role Web Tier Merge
18 Egress

Setup Environment
Discuss key features
Configure package repository
Install Ansible
Define Inventory
Ensure proper SSH environment
Confirm reachability

Infrastructure Groups
Identify common classes
Define common groups
Associate managed nodes with groups
Target nodes via groups with commands
Explore output

Ad-Hoc Commands
Discuss usability
Contrast with: 'ssh' && 'parallel-ssh'
Run non-privileged | privileged commands
Check and reload service
Reboot targets
Confirm functionality

Discuss applicability
Use 'service' module for common tasks
Use 'copy' module to propagate files - test
Use 'file' module to ensure file compliance
Use package management modules to control packages
Propagate privileged SSH access for elevation
Update target systems applications
Ensure the presence of specific packages
Fetch interesting content from managed nodes
Manage cron entries
Alter system variables with 'sysctl'
Ensure consistent user accounts on targets
Create common group
Ensure user membership in common group
Perform mass 'wget' operations across nodes
Ensure log file presence and attributes via 'file' module
Execute ad-hoc commands via 'shell' module
Contrast 'shell' and 'command' modules

Discuss features and applicability
Provision version controlled repo for playbooks
Define basic checks playboook for all nodes
Ensure the presence of targeted system files
Control SELinux status on applicable targets
Ensure system clocks are synched across nodes
Except NTP servers via play
Update and upgrade package repositories
Ensure web server package is deployed to targeted nodes
Ensure the presence of targeted user account on nodes
Discuss VARs as applied to playbooks
Create Inventory VARs
Update inventory to include geographic regions
Create Host-specific VARs
Test VAR interpolation per group | host | common

Discuss ascertainment and applicability
Use 'setup' module to ascertain various target Facts
Restructure Plays and Tasks using: 'when' condition
Test interpolation of new condition
Execute Playbook on specific targets using Facts
Create VAR-based dependency for conditional processing
Restructure time synch based on conditional testing
Handle NTP servers and clients separately
Discuss and expose nested VARs
Access key nested VARs

Discuss features and applicability
Model: /etc/hosts as a template
Test initial propagation to safe-space
Personalize hosts template per managed node
Debug unanticipated calamities
Test propagation to prod directory

Discuss event facility
Fetch disparate, model Apache configs from nodes
Create 'webfarm' group to include targets
Create play update Apache configuration
Create Handler to reload Apache post-config update
Confirm functionality

Configuration Hierarchy
Discuss ideal structure
Restructure config files using Ansible model
Distinguish between 'staging' and 'production'
Include common and webtier specific attributes
Test targeted calls
Contrast with unstructured layout
Merge webtier handlers and files into new structure




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