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O'Reilly - Applying Apache Cordova and PhoneGap
O'Reilly - Applying Apache Cordova and PhoneGap
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Build web apps that take can advantage of features such as the camera, accelerometer, address book, and GPS in iOS, Android, and other devices. With this video course, mobile and web developer Max Firtman shows you how to extend your HTML, CSS, and javascript code to work with native devices, using Apache Cordova and Adobe's free PhoneGap framework.
Max presents a series of small labs and tutorials that demonstrate how to set up Cordova so you can embed your existing web app inside. You'll come away with hybrid apps that are not purely web-based, but still use web views rather than the device's native UI framework. These device-agnostic mobile apps can be adapted to work with any native device.

Welcome to the Course 02m 53s

Set Up
Cordova, PhoneGap and Hybrids 07m 50s
Platforms and Web Views 09m 31s
Versions and Requirements 12m 45s
Installing CLI and PhoneGap the Desktop App 06m 18s
Setting Up Emulators 17m 00s

Working with Cordova Projects
Creating a Project and Adding Platforms 13m 33s
PhoneGap CLI 04m 15s
Running the App 11m 12s
PhoneGap Developer App 06m 15s
Debugging the App 09m 56s
The config.xml 21m 11s
Browsing the Documentation 07m 59s
Third-Party Tools 11m 14s

Working with HTML5
App Architecture 06m 47s
Replacing WebView with CrossWalk 08m 54s
HTML5 Compatibility 08m 58s
SPA and UI Frameworks 07m 31s

Cordova JS and Plugins
Basic Cordova Template 16m 23s
Main Events 10m 17s
Plugins Management 12m 06s
StatusBar 06m 34s
Native Dialogs 08m 11s
Camera 10m 42s
Contacts 05m 45s
Other Plugins 05m 18s

Building Locally for a Device 13m 57s
Building Locally for the Store 09m 11s
Remote Building with PhoneGap Build 05m 03s
Closing 02m 30s

O'Reilly - Applying Apache Cordova and PhoneGap

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