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Learn how to play and improvise bossa nova on the example of the song "Girl from Ipanema"

In this course, you will learn:

The "Girl from Ipanema" - you will learn how to play the song
How to play bossa nova, what is special about playing bossa nova.
How to improvise the melody
How to develop the motives of the melody and build the improvisation on them
How to enrich your left hand part
How to make two, three levels of musical material at the same time
Most important, I will share with you the way of thinking while you're improvising in order to exceed the musical quality of your improvisations.

Also, you can use principles which I've described here in your own compositions while writing music.

If you play piano like amateur or if you are student in musical university - doesn't care: you can use the ideas in the range of skills you have.

Also, it's not important to be a piano player: if you play some other instrument, this course might be useful for you as well. The main thing I'm going to talk about is the way of thinking in musical terms. And music itself can be played on any instrument, of course.

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Tags: improvisation, Ipanema

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