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Kindle Lifestyle Formula + OTOs

Kindle Lifestyle Formula + OTOs


Actually "What took me 13 months to learn will be uploaded to your brain in 15 minutes."

Drive massive profits to your bank account with new and still untapped 10 billion
dollar industry that drives red hot buyers traffic on autopilot for you.

This works for any type of book!!!

Step by step complete Kindle Guide Revealing Insider Secret Strategies to Sky Rocket Your
income by just pulling some strings and drive passive profits (not guru passive but pure passive)

Befor Revealing the Secret, Tell me :
Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Struggling to make even an amount as low as $100 per day for yourself in internet marketing?
Is a big fat pay cheque a fairy tale to you?
Trying to figure out why things are not working for you and the gurus are making millions?

Wasting your hard earned money on products which claimed to make money but mocked you in face?
Still thinking why your dreams are on floor, crying like a little baby?
Tired of working hard at marketing your books, following Kindle courses that promise massive sales and exponential profits but fail to deliver, selling absolutely nothing?

If any of this even sounds remotely familiar.
Then read every single word on this letter carefully.

Because I know how you feel.

From the desk of:

Hello, My name is Srijan and not long ago my life sucked... bad!

I tried everything I could think of. Sometimes I would have a little success, but it was usually followed by a miserable failure.


But in my world quitting is not an option. Quitting means a life of hard manual labor or demeaning office work, long hours for low pay and no benefits.

I decided to focus on writing and publishing Amazon Kindle books. Even though English is not my first language I knew there had to be money in it for me if I could just figure out how...

I bought $$$ worth of kindle courses, some were helpful, most were not.

That was a struggle.

My online marketing journey sucked failing with no luck. I had:

No internet access To walk 3 Kms in baking hot sun to reach cyber cafe', where the internet speed sucked
No money to get started. I know my story sounds like a movie. But it was my life.
English was not my first language either I had already spent a bunch of time and money on online marketing and failed miserably.
I had not even made a single cent.

Tired of failing, I had to do something...

And that's when I did Kindle and made over $4771 in one month.

But the million dollar question is..

"How did I get to over $4771 a month on Kindle?"

Let me share my secrets with you...

so you can change your life forever. In just a moment...

As you pay close attention to this page...

Imagine this is the last Kindle marketing course you will need...

One Day I found Kindle & I loved writing books, so I figured that it was for me.

Yet it would take time to make any money. Honestly things got quite desperate.

Trying everything the so-called gurus shared was tiring.

The gurus only shared half their secrets. It didn't work for me.

Like a bull sometimes, I'm not super smart, but don't give up.

The early failures felt like losing my mind, spirit and soul.

My parents and cousins told me every day to "get a job."

They thought it was "crazy" to chase this Kindle pipe dream, and that hurt so much.

It was motivating to prove them wrong.

Fast forward 1 year...

Now my part-time Kindle business makes more, as a student, than many people make working a hard job.

Thankfully, believing in my dreams & not listening to negative people helped.

Kindle marketing was not easy to figure out.

I wish I'd started with these little-known secrets to earning thousands of dollars a month with Kindle.

The Secrets I'm sharing with you today.

My first Kindle attempt was an online advertising book that made me only $260 profit.

It took me a few months of hit and trial to understand what worked to generate $4771 in just one month.

So what did I discover?

How you can position your books in front of tens of thousands of hungry buyers?
How to get buyers traffic with the push of a button without having a huge adspend budget?
How to use Untold simple methods to gets tons of sales in the first week of publishing your book?
Exact same strategies used by experienced marketers to make 5 figure passive income while they sleep?
Evergreen Golden rules to select high potential niches?

As you move down this page, you'll understand you can have the total success you've dreamed of...

To create this formula took a year of full-time work.

Just imagine for a moment a formula that makes you money in your sleep!

Lacking marketing and English skills was a big problem and often making mistakes didn't help.

Sometimes hitting something big, that worked.

My parents always saying that "making money online was B.S."

It was scary they may kick me out without a job.

Have you ever felt you had no choice?

To either give up . . . or

Commit 1000% and make Kindle work no matter what.

Fast forward 1 year...

Now I'm making over $4700 a month and growing, with little effort.

How did I do this? Let me share the secrets of "How to earn thousands of dollars a month from Kindle, fast."

You don't need:

A massive blog
A huge email list
Advertising experience

Marketing skills
Technical Skills
You don't even need Good English (Like me)

I didn't have any of this at the start.

Now, let me ask you a personal question...

Are You Willing to Follow The Proven 7-Step Mantra To Make Serious Money on Kindle in 2016?

The fact you're reading this means you're ready for total success now.

These aren't the same old Kindle tips that worked a few years ago.

This is what works today...

Because this formula is making me over $4000 a month in Kindlecash flow, while I sleep.

If you're ready to discover the secrets, keep reading...

Now a confession this is not the slickest product like I said my English is not perfect and I don't have the best grammar or spelling.

Yet, once you see past that you will see the diamonds in the dirt.

Check out the results this system can create for you too...

Here you'll discover the 7 Groundbreaking Secrets of "How a Broke Newbie made $4771 and growing on Kindle in Just a Month!"

And you can too guaranteed....

Myth-buster..."Making money in your sleep from Kindle is hard work."

Maybe, you've also tried every Kindle training, and nothing works, right?

Trust me, I've gone through the same hardships.

With this Proven 7-step formula, money flowing into your life without effort is not a dream.

It's possible to work once and get paid forever.

Yet, I faced so many problems and made no money from Kindle. It was eating my soul.

I imagine you can relate to this.

Desperate to find a solution, it was not easy, but I found it.

Some problems I had were:

Not knowing the profitable niches (The secret is found on page 16 Par. 3)
I sucked at doing research (The exact research success steps start on page 21 Par4)
Having trouble with fresh book ideas (solved on page 20)
Marketing was time-consuming, difficult and expensive
Getting reviews easy and fighting negative ones (You will not believe the time-saving review nugget on page 54 sect. 4)
The biggest one was how to make real money from Kindle?

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