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Karen Curry - Human Design Forum 2007-2015

Karen Curry - Human Design Forum 2007-2015

Human Design Forum 2007-2015 with Karen Curry

These "weekly" Forum-calls from Karen Curry is a fun and great way to expand your living knowledge of Human Design. The forum-calls is a mix of open Q&A about everything Human Design, Authority, Types, The 9 Centers, Gates and Channels, Lines, Profiles, Not-Self-Strategies, Relationship-Composite-Charts and lots of other thematic calls about different parts of the Human Design System and of course examples of readings of specific charts. These are great to listen to in the background while doing other stuff just as to "soak" up the knowledge

From 2010 and on there are charts attached for most of the Forum-calls.

Enjoy! love from a 4/6 Projector with Splenic Authority


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