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Build A Djembe  Create Music Beauty &Business
Build A Djembe: Create Music Beauty &Business
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BE a Professional Drum Wizard: Earn Income Creating Musical Beauty!
BE a professional musical wizard, the drum expert who builds the quality that gets played!
This course is being offered at a SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE, but only until November 30, 2015, folks! After that, the price will go up at regular intervals, so be sure to enroll as early as possible.
Using the simpl, beautiful & brilliant African String Method, YOU can build & sell your own drums, or simply maintain the drums for your local music band & your friends! Everything you need to create beautiful drumming majic is shown in this video course.
All you need to start out is a drum body- you will be shown all the steps from there. Included are details for selecting all the drum parts for assembling a brand new drum, or re-using the parts- including the drum skin- for drum upgrading & maintenance.
All details are explained in minute detail, and shown to you during the actual drum assembly. This method may be performed literally anywhere- here you watch one djembe, in the noisy urban environment of Seoul, Korea, being completely stripped down, repaired, re-built & upgraded with high quality, colorful nylon climbing cord.
JOIN US! We're having fun inside!
What are the requirements?
- EXPERIENCE- in anything- not required here. Just, BRING your sense of adventure, BE willing to learn something vital
- All that is needed, is one djembe-shaped drum body, ready for a new life
- All drum parts will be explained: the need to obtain each part will depend on the drum's overall condition
What am I going to get from this course?
- Over 21 lectures and 1 hour of content!
- CREATE MUSICAL BEAUTY: Build Renew & Fine-Tune an African-style Djembe, the King of Hand Drums
- GIVE NEW LIFE to Drums Everywhere
- CHOOSE the drum business strategy which suits your lifestyle
- STRING a djembe, using the African String Method
- SELECT and fabricate your own drum parts
- TIGHTEN and TUNE Strings: OPTIMIZE the drumsong, Fine-Key Her Finest Details
- SELECT and prepare the correct drum skin, or drum head
- REPAIR a cracked drum body, properly treat the wood
- TIE the proper knots on the drum hoops
- SEE how all real drum bodies start out in life, and are shaped
What is the target audience?
- Drummers, musicians & artisans who prefer to save money while crafting their own drum masterpiece
- Anyone who shares a love for the sacred heart-beat of the hand drum
- Enterprising & Creative craftspersons willing to act on simpl, easy, compact business opportunities
- Anyone NOT willing to DO the work themselves
- NO info-surfers! This human world needs ENGAGERS & creative DOERS!

Build A Djembe  Create Music Beauty &Business
Build A Djembe  Create Music Beauty &Business
Build A Djembe  Create Music Beauty &Business

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