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TTC Video - The Big Questions of Philosophy [Reduced]
TTC Video - The Big Questions of Philosophy
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Course No. 4130 | .MP4, AVC, 1500 kbps, 1024x576 | English, AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 36x30 mins | + PDF Guidebook |
Lecturer: David K. Johnson, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

We have all pondered seemingly unanswerably but significant questions about our existence-the biggest of all being, "Why are we here?" Philosophy has developed over millennia to help us grapple with these essential intangibles. There is no better way to study the big questions in philosophy than to compare how the world's greatest minds have analyzed these questions, defined the terms, and then reasoned out potential solutions. Once you've compared the arguments, the final step is always deciding for yourself whether you find an explanation convincing.

36 Lectures
01. How Do We Do Philosophy?
02. Why Should We Trust Reason?
03. How Do We Reason Carefully?
04. How Do We Find the Best Explanation?
05. What Is Truth?
06. Is Knowledge Possible?
07. What Is the Best Way to Gain Knowledge?
08. Do We Know What Knowledge Is?
09. When Can We Trust Testimony?
10. Can Mystical Experience Justify Belief?
11. Is Faith Ever Rational?
12. Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
13. What Is God Like?
14. How Could God Allow Moral Evil?
15. Why Would God Cause Natural Evil?
16. Are Freedom and Foreknowledge Compatible?
17. Do Our Souls Make Us Free?
18. What Does It Mean to Be Free?
19. What Preserves Personal Identity?
20. Are Persons Mere Minds?
21. Are Persons Just Bodies?
22. Are You Really You?
23. How Does the Brain Produce the Mind?
24. What Do Minds Do, If Anything?
25. Could Machines Think?
26. Does God Define the Good?
27. Does Happiness Define the Good?
28. Does Reason Define the Good?
29. How Ought We to Live?
30. Why Bother Being Good?
31. Should Government Exist?
32. What Justifies a Government?
33. How Big Should Government Be?
34. What Are the Limits of Liberty?
35. What Makes a Society Fair or Just?
36. What Is the Meaning of Life?

TTC Video - The Big Questions of Philosophy [Reduced]

TTC Video - The Big Questions of Philosophy [Reduced]

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