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Josh Turner's - The Appointment Generator

Josh Turner's - The Appointment Generator

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The Appointment Generator will remove all the stress and worry of finding new prospects and booking appointments so you can focus on what's really important -

The proven training and coaching program for generating a consistant flow of leads, sales appointments and clients.
Lifetime access to the entire TAG training suite
Includes 5 modules and 44 lessons including step-by-step instruction.
Your dedicated TAG coach! You will be paired with your own coach who will be there to support you every step of way.
A personal welcome call (scheduled after you join) to get you on the fast track.
Special 1-on-1 checkpoint calls with your coach at key milestones throughout the program.
Unlimited 1-on-1 Email Support (yes, you can email your coach and ask questions for as long as you need to!)
Daily activity plans, so you know exactly what to do each and every day as you implement the system.
All THREE Guarantees: The 30-Day Test Drive Guarantee, The 15+ Appointments a Month 'We Wont Let Your Fail' Guarantee, and The Double Your Money Back Guarantee.
A complimentary ticket to Ascend - our LIVE event in San Diego this May 12-14. You're going to learn all of our next level strategies to take what you achieve with TAG and blast off to a truly leveraged, scalable 7 figure business. ($695 value)
A complimentary ticket to our 2 day live virtual "Conversion Immersion" sales and enrollment training. You'll receive training from 3 of the world's leading sales experts on how to maximize the number of new clients you're landing from the appointments you will generate through TAG. ($495 Value)

Here's just some of what you'll learn inside The Appointment Generator:
Prospect faster and more efficiently than the competition by creating your own laser-focused ideal prospect profile.
Before you can start executing the advanced strategies in The Appointment Generator, you'll need to have your foundation in place.
In this module, you'll learn how to.
Cut your "warm-up time" with prospects in half. You'll quickly establish commonality and trust with your prospects using our process to find out where your prospects hang out and what they care about most
Master the art of turning your online presence into a client attraction magnet using our simple yet rarely used insider strategies.
Instantly put yourself in front of hundreds or thousands of your targeted prospects by using our systematic method of identifying, joining, and participating in the right groups.

Create a compelling name for your group that jumps off the screen, grabs the attention of your ideal prospects, and demands their attention.After your foundation is in place, Module 2 will show you how to build your authority leadership platform from the ground up to establish yourself as an expert in your space.
In this module, you'll learn how to.
Establish yourself as a leader in your market and attract more attention by setting up your own leadership authority platform.
Quickly and effectively start valuable conversations with new members of your group (on either Facebook or LinkedIn) by crafting the perfect welcome messages.
Streamline your group for maximum engagement and lead generation by using our proven group management principles.
Launch your community in a way that will attract all the right prospects.
Identify and connect with targeted prospects on Facebook and LinkedIn by using our step-by-step process.

Find hidden gold in LinkedIn's advanced people search using our LinkedIn advanced search strategy.
Module 3 puts everything you've learned about your ideal prospect in Modules 1 & 2 and puts it to work, teaching you everything you need to know about finding and connecting with them to start building your prospect database.
In this module, you'll learn how to.
Save time building your database while while filling it to the brim with hot prospects.
Pinpoint only the best prospects and weed out the cold ones by becoming a master finding qualified clients on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Super-charge your prospecting by connecting with the right people and starting productive business conversations.

Maximize your appointments booked with high value target prospects by creating a powerful messaging playbook that allows you to easily send personalized messages that start the relationship right, set you apart from the crowd, and culminate in real action being taken. This in-depth module will teach you in great detail, a crucial component of our entire system: How to create a powerful messaging process that generates appointments like clockwork. This proven messaging strategy will allow you to proactively take the success of your business into your own hands by communicating with your prospects in a highly effective way that gets results.
In this module, you'll learn how to.
Leverage seven different messaging processes that will give you the ammunition you need to create compelling messages for a variety of different situations that will entice your prospects to interact with you and ultimately to take action. This lesson walks you through every single step to effectively use all of these powerful messaging strategies (and scripts).
Easily track and monitor your entire campaign by creating your own highly efficient tracking system. There are some moving parts to the system, and this lesson will show you a simple step-by-step process so you know exactly what's happening with each of your soon-to-be clients at all times.
Mastering tools and processes to communicate quickly and effectively. The process of sending messages from your tracking sheet so it's fast, easy, and efficient. - When you don't have time to waste but want max results.
1. Crafting a 4-7 Touch-Point Nurture campaign.
2. The most productive way to reference a shared connection.
3. How to request for a call after connecting (and get a 'yes').
4. Messaging to re-engage existing connections.
5. The best way to ask permission to send your content.
6. How to send "cold" messages that get results.
7. Writing personalized messaging that works after connecting online.

Speed up your prospecting efforts with our automated personal emailing process - What it is, how to use it, and why it's a better option for prospecting than a traditional email service.
If you want to REALLY ramp up the speed and efficiency of your messaging, you're going to love module 5. This lesson will get you up to expert level on our system for using a potent email strategy to super-charge the speed of your personalized messaging campaign. This module will add 10-20% additional appointments to your calendar.
In this module, you'll learn how to.
The easy way to keep track of all the prospects and conversations you'll create by using the Email Blueprint.
The insider tactics and tools you'll need to track down hard to find email addresses for your hot prospects.
PLUS there's all kinds of bonus training to further deepen your mastery of this system.
You get bonus modules that will teach you even more strategies and give you even more tools to continually grow your business.
You'll be a part of exclusive live online events with expert guests to give you fresh ideas and new perspectives on growing your business.
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