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What will he teach?

Quicksilver - A beautiful, interactive metal bending routine with fluid visual bends and twists.

Syn - A coin bending routine in which two coins bend, using just sleight of hand and a clever linguistic ploy that you can use elsewhere too!

Legion - A 'hidden in plain sight' gimmick that allows you to create hands off card forces, perform mind reading, hallucination effects and more. Takes 2 minutes to set up, and you only have to do it once.

Broken Wings - A gimmicked note pad with which you can force cards or pictures, create automatic writing effects, peek information and much, much more!

Kill Scene - A horror movie themed confabulation style effect, with none of the work!

Cast - A gimmick that fits in your wallet that allows you to know a word thought of from a borrowed book at any time.

Syllacode - A two person code that works in ANY language, with no memory required and as long as your confederate knows the ultra-simple secret, you're set to go.

The New Black - A thought of word on a thought of ESP card. (Or playing card!)

Scar - Visually HEAL a scar, (that can be seen or touched by your audience) for a time...

Falling Coins - Prove that you can influence which way three coins will fall, in your spectator's hands, without touching anything.

Rush - A close up Russian roulette style effect with cigarette lighters.

Penguin Live Online Lecture with Dee Christopher [November 22, 2015]

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