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knowledge, facts, stories and studies taught from levels 1,2 and 3, and use this incredible system to then learn them at a subconscious level.

This program is structured much like a language learning program where you are quizzed, saying the concepts out loud, telling the stories and teaching yourself that allows this incredible information to be REALLY known.

There isn't any other program like this in self development that I am aware of.

The Level 5 Training Elite Business Skils (12 CDs) - Now that you've learned most of how to have a super successful mindset that manifests anything and everything you want, we now learn "the doing."

From having a "Goodwill File" to proper business etiquette and even how to delegate but more importantly replicate your actions for employees.

A special training (CD 11) is an audio clearing with specific sound tones that correlate with the same frequencies as common energy blocks. While tones are sounded you are guided through specific affirmations, memories and thoughts to help clear what has held you back all your life.

The Inner Circle Training (4 CDs): - As stated above, members paid $50,000 to have access to this LIVE training. This is specific instruction on how to utilize a group to use magnified power of manifestation. You'll learn focusing techniques, writing techniques and ways to prepare yourself for when you set your intuition to manifest your desires.

Useful for the single individual or groups that you lead in a business. Lots of incredible bits in this training.
This is super powerful training that has helped me learn key principles to live a super magical life, same goes with many of my friends.



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