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John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011

John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011
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Have you done all you can to make sure your plans for 2011 are going to maximize your success ... and are simple enough for you to put into action right away? Here, you will get exact steps, with specific advice on how to put them to work right away boosting your income and making your life better
#1 Welcome, Day 1 - Session 1 - The Good Idea Trap - John Carlton & Stan Dahl

We kicked off with a reality check. The "Good Idea Trap" is a common rut that well-meaning entrepreneurs can fall into.

This video segment show you exactly what the trap looks like, and how to pull yourself out.

#2 Melanie Benson Strick - Leverage

We pretty much stalked Melanie Benson Strick until she agreed to share her expertise at this event... because she's simply the best person we know at this critical part of the entrepreneurial game.

Mel is known as "The Entrepreneur's Success Coach" because she knows first-hand how to build a successful, thriving company with her secret weapon - LEVERAGE. That's the simple way to double and triple your revenue, eliminate unnecessary costs, and stay sane as you grow your business. And get this: Melanie's clients average a 172% revenue increase while creating more time for living their dream lifestyle.

#3 Brian Johnson - The Perpetual Launch

Brian Johnson is one of our main "go to guys" when we need to brainstorm productivity... especially for our sales funnels (where the actual Big Bucks pour in).

We are thrilled that he's agreed to share his unique secrets to helping production-challenged entrepreneurs streamline everything (so prospects come in automatically, get converted automatically, and become your best customers... all without you needing to apply any personal energy once it's set up)... so you get all the benefits of a launch, without the freak-out headaches. He was the "Magic Man" behind Rich Schefren's burgeoning Strategic Profits empire online (where he perfected this "evergreen" strategy), and now drives the 8-figure online operations at Precious Moments (which has sold billions as one of the top brands in marketing history).

#4 Copy Court - Website Critiques

Here's how this works: We selected a handful of submitted websites and manuscripts from attendees... and unleashed our Simple Writing System faculty writers on them.
The panel critiques the effectiveness of the copy, points out weak headlines and sales angles... and hits the essentials they normally cover in their super-expensive paid-consultations with clients.
This segment should give some idea what it's like to get personal attention from top writers...
#5 Christina Hills - Take Charge of Your Website - WordPress Fundamental
We brought "heroine to entrepreneurs" Christina Hills in to demystify the steps to getting websites live, without having to rely on geeks (or having to outsource to strangers living on the other side of the world, who can't be held accountable). She has taken hundreds and hundreds of technology-phobic writers, consultants and entrepreneurs... and empowered them to quickly (using simple steps that even techno-scaredy-cats an easily implement) put up sites, test new copy, launch new products... everything needed to grow your biz as if you had a full staff of geeks at your beck-and-call.
Never again be at the mercy of someone else for essential tech know-how.
John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011
John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011
John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011
John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011
John Carlton - Action Seminar 2011

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