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B.E.A.T. Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy

B.E.A.T. Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy
.MP4, AVC, 1949 kbps, 960x540 | English, AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 38 Lectures | 5.5 hours | 3.63 GB
Instructor: Hari Kalymnios

Don't just survive - THRIVE. Learn the simple secrets guaranteed to increase your energy levels and get you playing BIG.

Do you feel exhausted after each day? Do you wake up tired? Do you feel like you're not "firing on all cylinders"?

Do you want to have an abundance of TRUE ENERGY?

Have you ever met people who seem to be able to do it all? Work a full day, manage their household and affairs, see friends and family and still get a full day in either side of their regular work day? They seem to run on endless energy. How do they do it? They seem to sleep less than you, work more, live more and enjoy themselves more.

The truth is, to do any of that, to live a full and vibrant life, takes an incredible amount of ENERGY. But how do you get it?

This course is structured into 6 modules where I cover the four main components of my framework for energetic living.

This course has over 5.5 hrs of video training from me personally (and 20 handouts) and is a comprehensive course designed to give you what you need to know to move forward in your life - with energy.

Along with the video training lectures, there are a number of supplementary materials to print out and review. These are well worth it and will help from a practical point of view to implement some of the suggestions, as well serve as reminder for you, or be references for further research.

You should take this course only if you:

Want to have increased health, vitality or energy.
Want to accomplish more in your given 24hrs than you do currently.
The solutions I provide come from my own personal experience and what I've seen work for others.

If you apply these principles, I know that you will transform your life, as I have mine and the people that I work with.

What are the requirements?

No prior knowledge needed
An open mind and willingness to take action, learn and participate

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 38 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
By the end of the course you will know exactly what you need to do to live with an abundance of health and energy.
In this course you will learn the Four Fundamentals to Energetic Living as explained in The Energy B.E.A.T. Model

B.E.A.T. Tiredness - 4 Keys to Unlocking AMAZING Energy

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