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How to add login, logout, remember me, signup, password reset, account activation, user admin and more to Laravel 4.2.

Are you a web developer using the Laravel PHP framework to develop a web application? Chances are you'll need to add user authentication to it at some point.

By taking this course you'll learn how to add all aspects of user authentication to your Laravel application, including:

Basic login and logout
Remember me
New account signup
Restricting content to authenticated users only
Password reset
Account activation by email
In addition, you'll develop a complete user administration backend.

Throughout the course you'll be developing an application from scratch. All source code is included for download ready for use in your own Laravel project.

You'll also discover the theory behind how various aspects of the Laravel framework work, with clear explanations and links to online documentation where relevant.

After completing this course you'll be able to add user authentication to the Laravel project you're developing with ease.

Update Feb 2015: Version 5 of the Laravel framework was released in February 2015. This course was recorded using version 4.2 of the framework. While most of the techniques in the course can still be used, if you want to follow along exactly with the code, you�ll need to install version 4.2. The new second lecture details how to do this.

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