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An In-Depth Approach to Debate and Critical Discussion

An In-Depth Approach to Debate and Critical Discussion
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We give you pure, zero-fluff content. Learn the stragegies and skills of effective debate and discussion.
Learn how to become an all-around better speaker and conversationalist with this course offered by the International Speech and Debate Academy (ISDA)!

About ISDA
We are a public speaking and debate tutoring company founded by gold medalist Speech and Debate collegiate competitors. Our company’s goal is to reach out to people of all ages and walks of life and help them to become better and more effective debaters. We understand the importance of being a skilled debater, and wish to pass on our knowledge to you!

Our Motto and Mission Statement
Practical skills for practical people.

Communication is Key to Success!
In our program, we distill all the aspects of formal debating and break it down for you so you can learn how to become a master conversationalist from the ground up! We feel that while most programs will teach you basic surface level ways to become better at debating, we want to help you understand the science behind communication and show you how you can shape your world by simply using your voice.

Application is Important!
Part of the process of becoming a better debater, is to actually apply the knowledge gained. If you just sit through all of the lessons and don’t apply any of the information, it’s likely you will not be benefited. The best way to learn is by doing, so it is important that while enrolled in this course you apply the knowledge gained to your everyday life. There will be something we call “Critical Thinking Exercises” which will be suggested assignments that are fun and easy ways to apply the knowledge you have gained through our course.

Continue Your Education
If you really enjoy this program, and wish to further your education and training, check out International Speech and Debate Academy and discover our tutoring programs, where you can receive live online tutoring with one of our many highly qualified instructors!

What are the requirements?

You will need a positive attitude.
You will need a willingless to learn.
You will need a desire to succeed.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 30 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
Command the attention in a room (online or off)
Better articulate your thoughts
Gain confidence
Be able to participate or compete in high-level discussions
Construct solid arguments in real time
Increase ability to persuade
Become a better persuader

What is the target audience?

This course is meant for anyone who needs a well structured way of becoming better at debating and critical discussion.
If you just sit through all of the lessons and don’t apply any of the information, it’s likely you will not be benefited. The best way to learn is by doing, so it is important that while enrolled in this course you apply the knowledge gained to your everyday life.
Professionals and business people who must communicate in high level discussions will greatly benefit from our strategies of debate.
Those who have to do their doctoral defenses will greatly benefit from the strategies as well.
Any and all students should take this course: middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, and graduate students will all benefit from learning to engage in critical discussion.

Section 1: What is Debate and Critical Discussion?
Lecture 1 Introduction 03:14
Lecture 2 What is Debate? 01:48
Lecture 3 Why is Debate Important? 05:19
Quiz 1 Quiz 1: What is Debate? 4 questions
Section 2: Awareness and Mindset
Lecture 4 Develop Round Vision 07:18
Lecture 5 Time Management 04:40
Lecture 6 Always Assume Victory 04:02
Lecture 7 Don't Get Pulled into the Opposing Arguments 03:22
Quiz 2 Quiz 2: Awareness 5 questions
Section 3: More Basics of Debate
Lecture 8 Ettiquette 05:40
Lecture 9 Flowing, or Notetaking in Debate 05:02
Quiz 3 Quiz 3: The Basics of Debate 5 questions
Lecture 10 Confidence 04:30
Lecture 11 Research 04:42
Quiz 4 Quiz 4: Confidence and Research 4 questions
Section 4: Fun and Entertaining Practice Debate!
Lecture 12 Practice Debate: Darth Vader vs. Voldemort 12:35
Section 5: The First 8 Strategies of Debate
Lecture 13 Introduction to the Strategies of Debate 05:32
Lecture 14 1st Strategy of Debate: Find the Flaw 05:30
Lecture 15 2nd Strategy of Debate: Remove the Line in the Sand 05:23
Quiz 5 Quiz 5: Strategies 1 & 2 5 questions
Lecture 16 3rd Strategy of Debate: Find the Root 04:05
Lecture 17 4th Strategy of Debate: Look for the Moral High Ground 04:26
Quiz 6 Quiz 6: Strategies 3 & 4 5 questions
Lecture 18 5th Strategy of Debate: Call the Bluff 04:27
Lecture 19 6th Strategy of Debate: Change the Focus 06:07
Quiz 7 Quiz 7: Strategies 5 & 6 5 questions
Lecture 20 7th Strategy of Debate: Cater to the Judge 05:54
Lecture 21 8th Strategy of Debate: Move the Scope In 04:37
Quiz 8 Quiz 8: Strategies 7 & 8 4 questions
Section 6: Official Debates
Lecture 22 Official Debates 06:44
Section 7: The 9th and 10th Strategies of Debate
Lecture 23 9th Strategy of Debate: Hold onto Your Cards 04:55
Lecture 24 10th Strategy of Debate: Overwhelm with Numbers 05:01
Quiz 9 Quiz 9: Strategies 9 & 10 and Official Debates 5 questions
Section 8: The Final Strategy of Debate
Lecture 25 Final Strategy of Debate: The Golden Rule 01:47
Section 9: The 5 Most Common Debate Mistakes
Lecture 26 Diagnostic 1: Make Sure to Address the Other Side 02:50
Lecture 27 Diagnostic 2: Don't Stop Talking 03:12
Lecture 28 Diagnostic 3: Don't Get Discouraged 02:51
Quiz 10 Quiz 10: The Final Strategy and Debate Diagnostics 1, 2, & 3 5 questions
Lecture 29 Diagnostic 4: Personal Upkeep 03:07
Lecture 30 Diagnostic 5: Be Prepared 02:37
Quiz 11 Quiz 11: Debate Diagnostics 4 & 5 5 questions
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