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The NSA System: The Top Secret Guide to Finding And Keeping Multiple Girls

The NSA System: The Top Secret Guide to Finding And Keeping Multiple Girls
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This program explains how to get, keep and manage relationships with multiple women at the same time.

Many guys have a very rosy view of dating multiple women from the outside. As soon as you actually get in this position, you realize that it's not all happy days and this kind of lifestyle can bring on a lot of negatives - for you and the girls - if not dealt with properly. As a result, most of the advice on dating multiple women focuses on minimizing or reducing the negatives and emphasizing the positives. That's really the key here.
What are the Negatives?

Negatives typically include:
- Drama: Drama for and from the girls because they aren't happy with the situation. This drama can be energy sapping, take all the fun out of the relationships and otherwise distract your from the good stuff in life.
- Hurting the Girls: You can hurt girls when you give them the wrong expectations or when you put them in bad social situations.
- Affecting the Rest of Your Life: Creating messy situations with multiple women can spill out and affect your social life, work and other aspects of your life. A lot more common that you would think.
For a great autobiographical account of what not to do and how to bring a lot of dissatisfaction into your life via dating multiple women check out Nine Ball by Jeff Allen where he recounts among other things about how girls smash up his car to bring vengeance back upon him and his ex-girlfriend working systematically to turn his girlfriends against him.

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