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Join photogrpaher Reuben Krabbe on location in BC's coastal rainforests as he explores the world of action sport photogrpahy. Reuben breaks down both the details of shooting images of any action sport, and he also explores the reasons why good action sport photos rise above the normal shots.

Shooting the sport you know and love best, students aim to capture at least one of each category below:
1 Environmental Aciton: A photograph that includes peak action, but in this shot the location and landscape should be the hero.
2 Panning Image: Here we're looking for a crisp clear athlete in the frame, while the background conveys the motion using a slow shutter speed. Don't forget to tell the story of where they were, are now, and are going.
3 Action Primary: Finally, capture a shot where the athlete is the hero they should be. Convey how impressive, fast, high, or technical the stunt is.

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Tags: Action, Adventure, Photography

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