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Teamtreehouse - JavaScript

Teamtreehouse - javascript
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javascript is a programming language that allows you to add interactivity to websites. It can be used to create interactive effects on web pages.
Angular Basics
Angular is a front end javascript framework that allows you to rapidly develop robust, single page web applications. In this course you'll learn the basics of how to get an Angular application set up and running. Additionally, you'll get a strong conceptual overview and foundation in Angular. You'll be able to use the knowledge gained from this course to start your own applications or to easily jump in on existing large scale applications.
What you'll learn:
- Angular Application Structure - MVC without saying MVC
- Templates/Views
- Directives
- Scope
- Controllers
- Basic built-ins
- ng-repeat
- ng-show
- ng-hide
- ng-click
- Requesting data with $http

Using npm as a Task Runner
There are other popular javascript task runners out there, like Grunt and gulp but you may not need it.

Express Basics
Express is a "Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node." In this course you'll learn how to build an Express site from scratch!

How to Create and Distribute an npm Package
In this Workshop we'll sign up for npm, login in the command line, prepare our package, test our package and distribute it so thousands of other developers can use our code in their projects.

npm Basics
npm is a command line tool to help you manage Node.js modules and this course will get you up and running with npm.
What you'll learn
- Understand what npm is
- Finding modules
- Installing modules
- Updating modules
- Uninstalling modules

Getting Started with TypeScript
Andrew Chalkley shows you how to get up and running with TypeScript, an enhanced version of JavsScript that provides static typing, classes and interfaces. TypeScript compiles to regular javascript code so you can write TypeScript code that works in every common javascript environment such as browsers and Node.js.


Teamtreehouse - JavaScript
Teamtreehouse - JavaScript
Teamtreehouse - JavaScript

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