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How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids

How To Take Better Photos Of Your Kids | 415 MB

Learn simple techniques with your digital SLR camera to create amazing and memorable photos of your kids.

If you are getting blurry, dark, or just plain old, ordinary pictures of your kids with your digital SLR camera, this course will be perfect for you. Mary Buck, the photography instructor, will teach you how to optimize the settings on your digital SLR camera and combine it with some creative tips so you can improve your photography. She will walk you through each of the twelve lessons of "Kids Photography Ideas & Techniques", step-by-step with hands-on learning.
In just a few short weeks, you will be shooting amazing pictures of your kids. Your photography will improve so much that you will be the envy of your friends when they see your photographs.  You need to sign up for this course because you deserve great photos of their kids.  Do it now, before it is too late. All you need is a digital SLR camera, a memory card, tripod, a lens and that's all.  Oops, don't forget your kid!

Mary has been teaching photography classes for ten years.  Her most popular request from her students is how to take better kid's photos, which is why this Kids Photography Ideas & Techniques course was created. As a mom, she knows how important it is to have pictures of every milestone of a child's life, plus the unexpected, candid moments.  You will have the best of both worlds with this course; a dynamic and experienced photography teacher who is also a parent that knows first-hand the importance of great family photos.

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 15 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Learn how to capture your kids in their sports activities.
  • Learn how to create bokeh for great kid's portraits
  • Learn how to use fill flash to improve your kid's photographs
  • Learn how to see the light for better photographs indoors and outdoors.
  • Learn what makes a great black and white kid's photograph
  • Learn how to use the white balance presets to remove color casts
  • Learn composition tips for creative and artsy photos
  • Learn some creative ways to capture your kid's birthday

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