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Jan Koch - The WP Summit (Reduced)

Jan Koch - The WP Summit (Reduced)
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Today you'll learn about WordPress fundamentals and WordPress hosting, two very important topics that already decide whether you're building a powerful website or just an average one.
Dan Norris Building Great WordPress Sites With Even Better Content Marketing

Dan is an entrepreneur, award-winning content marketer, and co-founder of WP Curve. Together with Alex McClafferty he took WP Curve from scratch to $500k / year within 15 months, making WP Curve one of the fastest growing companies for WordPress support on a global scale.
He wrote the small business book 7 Day Startup, and his weekly newsletter goes out to 14k subscribers. And he wrote a post about 7 mandatory plugins.
Connect with Dan: Website | WP Curve | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
Why you need to have a content marketing strategy right from the start
How content marketing can work for you
What plugins Dan installs on almost all of his WordPress sites
How the website review process of WP Curve works
How long you need to test content marketing strategies
What Dan teaches in his best-selling book 7 Day Startup

Rachel McCollin - What WordPress Beginners Need To Know About WordPress

Rachel McCollin is a WordPress expert, organizing WordCamps in Birmingham, and has written three books on WordPress - the fourth book being in progress right now.
She's writing for major WordPress and web-development related platforms like Smashing Magazine, WPTutsPlus, or Opera.
Connect with Rachel: Website | WP: Pushing The Limits | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What kind of websites you can use WordPress for
Why using WordPress is like a diet sometimes
How you can manage content creation the smart way
How basic responsive web design works
How you can manage multiple WordPress installations easily

Jason Cohen - WordPress Hosting Demystified

Jason is the founder of WP Engine, the world's largest WordPress focused web hosting company. He's a serial entrepreneur and founded 4 startups, two of which were sold with millions in profit. He's also a mentor for startups at Capital Factory.
WP Engine is a sponsor of the WP Summit, because they believe this event can contribute on a global scale to the WordPress community.
Connect with Jason: Website | WP Engine | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
Why some WordPress hosts are expensive and others cheap
Which WordPress hosting is perfect for your website
How you can use WordPress smarter every day
What really makes WordPress sites and online businesses thrive
Why plugins & themes are holding too many WP users back

Day 2 - Design & WP Themes

Welcome to The WP Summit!
Today you'll learn about WordPress design and themes. These are major topics for anyone running a website, but major challenges as well. Today's speakers will explain how you can bootstrap your own design, optimize it, and hire WP freelancers properly.

Alex Harris - Create A Website Design That Boosts Your Conversion Rates

Alex Harris is a web designer for over 14 years, and he's focusing on conversion-optimized design. That means he builds websites that convert traffic into leads or customers. Given that he ran 5,000+ A/B tests for his clients, he has amazing expertise in this field - and a lot to share during his interview.
Connect with Alex: Website | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What design best practices you need to know about
How design influences your conversion rates
What common design mistakes kill your conversion rates
How you can easily tweak your website design yourself

Mark Asquith - Learn How To Bootstrap Beautiful WordPress Sites

Mark runs an award-winning UK agency for design and website design called DMSQD. He also runs the Excellence Expected podcast, where his interview help you overcome the daily challenges of being an entrepreneur.
Connect with Mark: Podcast | Website | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What makes good website design
How you can bootstrap a beautiful website
What to look out for when choosing a WP theme
Why WP themes need to be connected to your brand

Tomaz Zaman - What You Need To Know About Working With WP Freelancers

Tomaz Zaman is the founder of, one of the biggest outsourcing platforms for WordPress projects. They have pretty tight quality standards and only hire skilled developers, to tackle the issues you'll face when hiring a WP freelancer on oDesk or elance.
Connect with Tomaz: Website | Codeable | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
Why Tomaz founded codeable
How codeable works differently from oDesk or elance
How you can transfer their work ethic to hiring a freelancer on any platform
How you make sure your WP project stays on track

Day 3 - Online Business With WordPress

Welcome to The WP Summit!
Today is all about building online businesses using WordPress. Countless entrepreneurs use WordPress to build their business platform, bloggers make money from it, and lots of other business models exist that can be leveraged using WordPress. The speakers will bring clarity into this realm!

Aj Amyx - How To Build A Profitable Online Business From Scratch

Aj is the co-host of the Movement Marketing Summit and GameTime Movement, bringing together world-class speakers like Michael Port, Sue B. Zimmerman, Jeff Goins, and more.
He's a business coach for entrepreneurs, guiding them from building the business model, to scaling their business online and making an impact in the lives of their customers.
Connect with Aj: Movement Marketing Summit | GameTime Movement | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
How you can create a sustainable business model
How you can validate your business idea
How you build your business online
Why WordPress is such a great tool to build an online platform

Amber Vilhauer - Online Business Strategies For Beginners And Advanced Entrepreneurs

Amber is the CEO at NGNG (No Guts No Glory) Enterprises, and she and her team have built more than 300 WordPress websites for her clients. She helps her clients to create profitable business models and websites that support their business.
Connect with Amber: NGNG Enterprises | Website | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
Why you don't just put up a website and walk away from it
How you can start building your business with a strategic approach
What plugins are mandatory for your blogs
How you can build great websites and converting sales funnels

Nick Loper - The Side-Business Blueprint For WordPress Users

Nick is the Chief Side Hustler of Side Hustle Nation, a blog and podcast teaching about building businesses on the side. Most of his businesses nowadays use WordPress, even though he started off investing $10k in a custom-developed affiliate shop for shoes.
He's a TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, and educator - and he offers his website checklist (51 items!) for FREE for all WP Summit attendees!
Connect with Nick: Get His Checklist | Side Hustle Nation | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
Why WordPress is perfect for starting a business
How you can make money with affiliate marketing
What profitable affiliate business Nick dreams of for years (but never acted upon)
How you can keep going strong even when days get longer

Stephen Esketzis - Building Highly Converting Sales Funnels With WordPress

Stephen is a specialist for building sales funnels and for social advertising like Facebook ads. He runs a digital marketing agency, interviewed superstars in the music scene. After a while he shifted his focus to online marketing strategies, which he shares on his blog and podcast.
Connect with Stephen: Podcast | Website | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What a sales funnel is and how it works
How you turn visitors into leads and customers
How Facebook advertising work and why it's so powerful
How to market to those people who already visited your website
How to scale an online business using Facebook ads and sales funnels

Deven Patel - Monitoring WordPress And Business Statistics The Smart Way

Deven is the founder of Cyfe, an all-in-one dashboard to track your most important business and website metrics. Cyfe connects to services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, mailing list providers, and lots of other services, displaying their statistics in one place.
Cyfe is a sponsor of the WP Summit, providing me with statistics all about this event.
Deven also has a generous offer for you at the end of this video!
Connect with Deven: Cyfe | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What metrics every WordPress user should track
How metrics give you insights on the performance of your website and business
How to take the right conclusions from your metrics
How you can make your life easier when tracking metrics

Ryan Magdziarz - How To Create A 7 Figure Coach's Website

Ryan is the director of Winning International, on the mission to help more coaches build 7-figure businesses and raising $1 billion for charity over the next 10 years.
He led a digital marketing agency building WordPress websites, built and sold an app, invested in other businesses, and now focuses on coaching coaches to help them make a massive impact in the world.
Connect with Ryan: Winning International | Facebook

In this session you'll learn:
Why Ryan uses WordPress for all his clients
How you can build membership programs that sell
What themes & plugins you can use to build a 6- or 7-figure site
How you can build a sales funnel that converts

Day 4 - List Building

Tim Paige - Success-Proven List Building Techniques For WordPress Users

Tim is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages, a software company providing landing pages and other tools that make lead generation easy as pie. He grew their list by over 40k subscribers, and runs their official podcast and webinars.
Connect with Tim: Free Webinar Course | LeadPages | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
The most common mistakes in list building
What lead magnets perform best
What content upgrades are and how they work
What giving pages and taking pages are
What lead magnet outperformed a one-hour chat with LeadPages CEO Clay Collins

Natanael Oliveira - All You Need To Know About List Building And Conversion Optimization

Natanael started his traditional career as a salesman. When he discovered WordPress he used it to become #1 salesman in the company, and finally started his own digital agency Marketing Com Digital. Nowadays, his agency has grown to be one of the biggest players in the Brazil, offering digital marketing and WordPress related services!
For All Access Pass owners, he gives away the exact emails he uses in his sales funnel. Those emails helped him grow a raving audience, ready to buy his services.
Connect with Natanael: Website | Facebook

In this session you'll learn:
How Natanael used WordPress to boost his sales as salesman
Why WordPress was the only way to build his own business
How he creates content that attracts engaged visitors
How he turns his website visitors into leads and customers
How you build your own business using his techniques

Day 5 - Content Marketing

Welcome to The WP Summit!
Now that you know how to bootstrap a beautiful WordPress site, have a strategy for monetizing it, and know how to build a list, let's dive into content marketing. Today's interviews will help you create content that naturally ranks and turns your visitors into raving fans of everything you do!

Jason Amunwa - Smart Content Marketing And Measuring Its Success

Jason is the Product Director at Digital Telepathy, working on the products, WordPress plugins like SlideDeck, Hello Bar, and Filament. He focuses a lot on what drives engagement on WordPress blogs, and how you can create content that engages your readers to interact with what you have to offer.
Connect with Jason: Insights Beta | Jason's posts | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What WordPress plugins you need on your WordPress
Why the majority of blogs are not a good experience for readers
How to measure the engagement on your blog
What content structures make your website more enjoyable for your readers
How to build a solid relationship with your readers

Andy Crestodina - Content Chemistry That Turns Visitors Into Raving Fans

As Strategic Director at Orbit Media, Andy has provided web strategy advice to more than 1,000 businesses over the last 12 years.
Andy loves to teach web marketing, both as a public speaker and on the Orbit blog. He has written more than 170 articles on content marketing topics including SEO, email marketing, social media, and Analytics.
Says Andy, "It's both art and science. This is why I love web design and web marketing. It's a place to be both creative and technical, artistic and analytical. As soon as I realized this, I was hooked."
Connect with Andy: Orbit Media | Content Chemistry | Content Hubs | Twitter

In this session you'll learn:
What content hubs are and how you can create them
How a content schedule works and what benefits it brings
How to write great headlines and captivating content
How you get traction with your site right away
How to write content that benefits your SEO




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