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Cameron Shayne Budokon 2004-2007

Cameron Shayne Budokon 2004-2007
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Our movement reflects our thinking. Our thinking reflects our way of life. Our way of life reflects the world we are creating. Consequently, the way we move, affect, and always will affect our world and our way of life "(Shane Cameron) Budokon (Bu-Do-Kon) (in Japanese -" the way of the spiritual warrior ") was founded in 2000 Shane Cameron, who has long worked as a personal trainer and bodyguard for many Hollywood stars. Classes consist of two parts - the physical part, and Zen meditation. Physical exercises are based on a combination of ancient and modern forms of yoga and martial arts.
All Budokon techniques designed to study the motion of the body in the its various aspects. In the classroom pays equal attention to the speed, strength, balance, lightness and fluidity of movement. Exercises are divided into two series: yoga and Budo, which merge seamlessly into one another and depend on each other. In yogic very much part of the effect of Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar, which focus on control, calm, strength and precision of movement. Series Budo performed while standing, individually or in groups, and combines elements of Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo. This part aims to develop speed, strength, agility, smoothness and concentration. occupation ends seated Zen meditation.

In general, the duration of one lesson is a little more than an hour. With regard to the level of training, Cameron assures us that he has no value. Start the course and everyone can, regardless of the level of training and vozrasta.V Budokon not do something right or wrong. The teacher guides and shows only the technical aspects of exercise. The student decides what is better for him. It is said Shane Cameron: "Trust yourself, you know your body better than anyone else. Do not look for answers around - just look at yourself."

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