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iAwake Technologies - Audio Acupuncture

iAwake Technologies - Audio Acupuncture

iAwake Technologies - Audio Acupuncture (Energy Alchemy Series)

For An Invigorating and Grounding Meditation

The Energy Alchemy Series contains very powerful subtle energy frequencies specifically arranged to enhance consciousness, instill peace, lift mood, and assist conscious connection with deeper spiritual awareness.

What is unique about the Energy Alchemy Series is that it contains NO brainwave entrainment, a first for iAwake Technologies, so you DO NOT need headphones AND you can play it SILENTLY and still generate this powerfully positive field of subtle energy.

Audio Acupuncture contains soundtracks embedded with a unique energetic signature of the human acupuncture meridian map, which optimizes the healthy flow of qi through all the acupuncture meridians.

This program features a unique biofield entrainment formula designed to help you naturally experience feeling:


Audio Acupuncture may also benefit:

Profound movie and music experiences
Releasing Stress
Heightened physical and mental well-being

In this program you will find:

Three 20-minute nature tracks (60 minutes total)
A comprehensive User eManual
Powerful subtle energetic (biofield) frequencies that are naturally stress-reducing, healing, deeply relaxing and uplifting, centering & calming
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