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A set of PSD, JPG,video process , tutorial packs and voice over tutorial
Tier 1+ (1$)
-Activity Feed access patron only view
- NSFW/yaoi/yuri poll voting !!
Tier 2 +(5$)
-Tier 1 reward
-PSD(7)Peach, Rive, Internet explorer, Seako,Dark link,Freddy,Bunny girl
-High res Jpg of the 7 PSD
-NSFW Jpgs (5)Peach(1)Seako(2)Dark link (2)
-access to brushes+ brush ads ons from all available previous terms If any
Tier Yuri/Yaoi +(7$)
-Tier 2 rewards
-PSD (2) Ivy X Harley, Zack X Cloud
-High res Jpgs (2) Ivy X Harley, Zack X Cloud
Tier 3 +(10$)
-tier 2 rewards
-Tier Yuri/Yaoi(optional)
-Video process (9)Peach, Rive, Internet explorer, Seako,Dark link,Freddy,Bunny girl, Zack X cloud, Harley X Ivy
-NSFW Video process (5)peach,Zack X cloud, Harley X Ivy,Seako,Dark link
-Bunny girl tutorial pack
Internet explorer tutorial pack
20 steps eyes tutorial pack
-basic background voice over tutorial
+Tier 4 +(20$)
-tier 3 reward
-past term ( voucher to download 1 past term from my gumroad )
+Tier 5 +(70$)
-tier 3 rewards
-Mail and letter from me per month(lots of goodies some NSFW posters ;3)
❅Stuff to look forward to for term 22! (September22-30 )❅
-more psds (6-8 ish) and jpgs ! (6-8 ish)
-more video process (6-8 ish)
-more tutorials and references
- 1 voice over tutorial (speepaint tutorial :3 )
-2(male+female)NSFW at least
-more yaoi or yuri ( : D)
Thanks guys ! looking forward to improving and seeing more pieces from you guys on my activity feed!



or Reward 21.part1.rar Reward 21.part2.rar Reward 21.part3.rar Reward 21.part4.rar Reward 21.part5.rar Reward 21.part6.rar Reward 21.part7.rar
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