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GymnasticBodies Stretch Course [80 MP4, 1 PDF]
GymnasticBodies Stretch Course [80 MP4, 1 PDF] | 869.72 MB
English | Category: Health-Fitness-Sports

Hello all, first of all despite the torrent name, this torrent includes Thoracic Bridge, Middle Split, Front Split.
Thoracic Bridge: Develop a Thoracic Bridge, Shoulder Flexion and Shoulder Extension safely and gradually through structured progressions.

Middle Split:Build the compression needed for Middle Split, Pancake and Press Handstand and other advanced GST elements.

Front Split:Address the tight hamstring, quad and glute muscles that accompany typical office work to develop Pike and Front Split.

Ths torrent contains all individual stretch videos and a bonus 45 min stretch class for each series.
The pdf file is embedded with videos for each stretch. Enjoy!

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