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Maxima Player + OTOs + Bonuses

Maxima Player + OTOs + Bonuses - Monetize Any Or All Of The Videos You Already Have Online

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Discover How You Can For The First TIME EVER Monetize Any Or All Of The Videos You Already Have Online With A Click Of A Button.

Generate Income Like Big Companies And YouTube Stars Do Online With Maxima Ad Player - The New 'money making' Video Player That Google Pays You To Use.
With one click you can now Monetize your videos
ANYWHERE around the web with one click!
Like Big Companies Do using Google IMA Ad Tags
that come from video ad networks.

Sounds complicated right?

Not anymore.

Our new Video 'Ad' Player makes getting paid very easy!

Would you like to have the power to do the same?
Generating money at WILL from your videos around the web.
Here's how easy it is:
Step #1: Install The Maxima Ad Player Plugin For Wordpress:
Step #2: Connect Your Google Ad Tag URL (Really easy to get this)
Step #3: Publish Your Video To Your Website
Step #4: Your Video Is Monetized With Ads & You're Making Money!
Here's A Look At All Of The Ads You Can Use Inside Of Your Videos
All of these ads are tools for you to use and make money from your videos. If anyone clicks one of these ads or watches for a period of time you make money!
This is So EASY To Do And Finally You Can Start
Making Money From Your Video Viewers.

Buy Maxima Player now and immediately start benefiting from the technology built into this system. FINALLY you'll have an all in one Video Advertising suite for making money with video.

Price Increasing By $10 In.

Imagine positioning your videos to profit and all you need to do is publish videos to the web and get traffic to them. It couldn't be easier!

Now imagine doing this for your clients? Media Agencies? Blogs?

It doesn't just stop there though. Here's a look at everything that Maxima Player can do for you:
Here's How You Can Setup Your Campaigns In Less Than 60 Seconds:
Showcase Your Own Ads - Within Minutes Syndicate Your Own Ads Across Your Video Network.

Yes you can not only advertise with Google but you can also show case your own ads. Promote affiliate offers, your clients products or your own products across your very own video network.
Position Your Website Like YouTube With
Easy To Use IMA Tags

It supports Google IMA tags, which means you are able to put preroll video ads on your self hosted videos on your own websites, with skip and non skip options.
Add Pre-Roll Ads And Profit With Your Videos

Add Companion Banner Ads to you PreRoll Video Ads that come from Google Adsense for Video or a Video Ad Network. You've seen a Youtube video, where a banner also appears to the right when you play a video? Same thing here, but now it is on your wordpress site, and YOU get paid.
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