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This course covers the most common questions videographers encounter when shooting and editing with DSLR cameras, from choosing a frame size and frame rate to understanding moiré. Authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman will also help you understand the impacts of compression and the difference between cropped (or micro 4/3rds) and full-sized sensors in cameras, and much more. This continual FAQ guide is a handy way to find the answers to the questions that plague you the most.

Topics include:
1. Which Frame Size Should I Use?
2. Which Frame Rate Should I Shoot?
3. What Is the Impact of Compression?
4. What's the Difference between Cropped and Full Sensors?
5. Why Does My Viewfinder Stop Working?
6. What Is Aspect Ratio?
7. Can I Crop Video?
8. What Speed Memory Card Do I Need?
9. What Causes Rolling Shutter?
10. What is Moiré?
11. Why Is My Footage Out of Focus?
12. How Can I Connect a Monitor?
13. Why Does My Audio Sound So Bad?
14. Why Does My Footage Jitter?
15. Why Is My Shot Too Dark?
16. How can I Avoid Lens Flares?
17. Why Is My Footage Shaky?
18. Why Should I Shoot with a Prime Lens?
19. Why Should I Use a Matte Box?
20. Why Should I Use an Electronic Viewfinder?
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