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Coupon Cash Mailer

Coupon Cash Mailer


An Urgent Message for Struggling Local Consultants...
While most offline consultants are struggling pitching SEO, Reputation, Mobile, and Websites for tiny fees to business who don't "get it"

Or, giving services away free, hoping to upsell them down the road...

I found something WAY better...

Hi, my name is Tom Gaddis

A little over two years ago I found myself unemployed as a restaurant manager and collecting unemployment. I didn't want to go back to the restaurant business.

Working 65+ hours a week and not being able to enjoy my family didn't appeal to me.

I wanted something more...

So I purchased every offline product I could get my hands on. I followed the advice of offline "guru's" and worked my butt off offering SEO, websites, and social media services to local businesses.

After spending thousands of dollars and putting in hundreds of hours, I didn't get one single client. Nothing.

My unemployment was running out, I was getting frustrated, and about to give up when I discovered something a little different, something that not many people out there were offering local businesses.

I decided to give it a shot since I had nothing to lose...

And it worked.

By the end of seven days I had generated $7000 in sales and had 16 new clients.

Yes, from zero to 16 clients in 7 days.

So naturally, I've been doing this same thing ever since.

Over the next year I streamlined the process, developed new strategies, and used this system to grow a thriving offline consulting business on Maui Hawaii:

Now, I want to help you do the same thing.

If you don't mind following a simple plan of action then Coupon Cash Mailer System can help you to start making money fast!

You will be offering a tangible, affordable, highly profitable, in-demand product.

Local businesses will be happy to pay you for this and thank you for offering it to them.

I swear it's actually fun to be in this business...

Here's Proof This System Works...
Bruce Newmedia Gives Tom A 100% Rating!
"Tom didn't even ask for this testimonial, but I'm happy to provide it. I've known him almost 5 years and know his journey to success very well.

He went from trial and error (mostly error), poor-paying clients, and very long hours to the lifestyle and income most are seeking.

He's not in the 'WSO business', he's a true local marketing consultant running a business with real clients.

But don't just take my word for it, get the product and see for yourself. I'm betting you'll get excited when you see what you can earn and be itching to get started right away. Great job Tom!
Sincerely, Bruce"

Why Does Coupon Cash Mailer System Work So Well?
Because the Coupon Cash Mailer System delivers exactly what local business want: new customers.

When you give local business exactly what they want.. you get paid.

It's hard to educate local business owners on the benefits of things like SEO, mobile, and having a website.

This an easy sell as they will instantly see the benefit.

While everyone else is pitching them SEO, mobile, and having a website, you will be offering something different.

There's virtually ZERO competition.

When a local business see's the results they achieve after doing this one time, they will want to keep doing it.

That means you get paid month after month.

Heck, you don't even need to wait once a month to get paid, I have some clients who pay me every week...
Start Getting Paid By The SAME CLIENTS Week After Week Like Clockwork:
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