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This course is updated to cover both LX0-102, LX0-104, LPI exam 102, and LPI exam 104.

Our courses are taught by LPIC certified instructors who have and continue to work in the field in various capacities using and supporting Linux systems. In particular, this course provides interactive, step-by-step videos that will help you prepare for the LPIC-1 102 Exam. This exam is important to help you prepare for the Linux+ and LPIC level 1 certification and this course provides all the materials you need to pass the exam.

Not only will these videos prepare you for the LPIC exam 102 but they will also teach you how to run your own Linux servers (including course notes, quizzes on the covered material and hands on labs to try out what you learn). The Linux Academy lessons include all topics that are covered in the LPIC-1 102 exam such as from system devices and kernel management to shell scripting and security.

By the time you complete this series of videos, you will have the knowledge you need to manage and secure your entire Linux server environment.

01.0.1 Environment Variables, Aliases And Shell Configuration Files.mp4
01.02. Modifying Bash Shell Configuration Files.mp4
01.03. Learn How To Change The Bash Prompt.mp4
01.04. Bash Lists.mp4
02.01. Installing MySQL on Ubuntu And CentOS.mp4
02.03. SQL Query Statements.mp4
02.04. Basic MySQL Group By And Order By Statement.mp4
02.05. Basic MySQL Left Join Statement.mp4
02.06. mysqldump Command.mp4
03.01. Adding Linux Users Using useradd, Customization And Flags.mp4
03.02. Useradd Examples.mp4
03.03. Modifying User Accounts.mp4
03.04. Removing User Accounts In Linux.mp4
03.05. Managing Groups In Linux.mp4
03.06. System Accounts And Special Purpose Accounts.mp4
03.07. Password Policy With The chage Command.mp4
03.08. Password Aging.m4v
04.01. StickyRepeat Keys and SlowBounce Keys Toggle.m4v
04.02. Mouse Keys and Onscreen Keyboard.m4v
04.03. Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier.m4v
04.04. Large Print Screen and High Contrast Desktop Themes.m4v
04.05. Braille Display and Gestures.m4v
04.06. Orca and GOK.m4v
05.01. Lesson Hello Bash! Our First Bash Script.mp4
05.02. Running Basic Commands Inside A Bash Script.mp4
05.03. Bash Variables and Script Arguments.mp4
05.04. Conditions In Bash Scripting.mp4
05.05. Basic Bash Loops.mp4
05.06. Practice Scripts For Understanding Scripting And Linux Automation Add Users.mp4
05.07. Functions And Case Expressions.mp4
05.08. Accepting User Input In a Script Using Read.mp4
05.09. Practice Script Add Users To MySQL From The -etc-passwd File.mp4
05.10. Creating A Task Script With To Do Lists.mp4
05.11. Functions Part 2.mp4
05.12. Perform Conditional Mailing To The Superuser.mp4
06.01. Ifconfig-ifup-ifdown.m4v
06.02. Linux Routing Using Route Command.m4v
06.03. Using Linux Ping.m4v
06.04. -etc-resolv.conf.m4v
06.05. -etc-hosts.m4v
06.06. -etc-hostname.m4v
06.07. -etc-nsswitch.conf.m4v
06.08. IPv4.m4v
06.09. IPv4 to Binary Conversion.m4v
06.10. IPv4 Network Range Calculation.m4v
07.01. Understanding System Cron.mp4
07.02. Understanding User Cron.mp4
07.03. Cron User Permissions.mp4
07.04. Creating Cron Jobs By Example.mp4
07.05. Using The AT utility.mp4
07.06. AT User Permissions.mp4
08.01. Triple Tools.mp4
08.02. Securing User Accounts with John the Ripper.mp4
08.03. Using nmap And Exploring Your Network.mp4
08.04. Wireshark.mp4
08.05. Introduction To IPTables.m4v
08.06. Good Old Netstat.mp4
08.07. Using IPTraf.mp4
08.08. Finding SUID and GUID Files and Directories.m4v
08.09. LSOF.m4v
09.01. Syslogd and Rsyslogd.mp4
09.02. Using Logger To Add Entries To Log Files.mp4
09.03. Logrotate.mp4
10.01. The Date Command.mp4
10.02. Working with the hwclock command (hardware clock).mp4
10.03. Managing Linux Time Zones.mp4
10.04. Network Time Protocol (NTP).mp4
11.01. LPD Legacy Interface.m4v
11.02. CUPS Configuration and Tools.m4v
11.03. Managing Print Queues.m4v
11.04. Troubleshooting Printer Subsystems.m4v
12.01. -usr-share-zoneinfo and -usr-bin-locale.m4v
12.02. tzselect and tzconfig.m4v
12.03. IOS8859, Unicode, ASCII and UTF-8.mp4
12.04. iconv and date.m4v
12.05. Environment Variables.m4v
12.06. Localization - LC_ALL.m4v
12.07. Localization - LANG.m4v
13.01. ssh and known hosts.m4v
13.02. sshkeygen.m4v
13.03. ssh-copy-id and Key Types.m4v
13.04. ssh-agent and ssh-add.m4v
13.05. System RSA-DSA Keys.m4v
13.06. PGP and GnuPGP Keys.m4v
14.01. Host Security Passwd-Shadow-Nologin files.m4v
14.02. Host Security Init.d And Inittab file.m4v
14.03. Host Security Inet.d And inetd.conf.m4v
14.04. Host Security Xinet.d And xinetd.conf.m4v
14.05. Host Security Hosts.allow and hosts.deny.m4v
15.01. Understanding E-mail Basics.mp4
15.02. Forwarding Emails And Mail Aliases.mp4
16.01. Working WIth Xorg.conf Configuration File.m4v
16.02. Working With xhost.m4v
16.03. Using The xwininfo Utility.m4v
16.04. Using The xdpyinfo Utility.m4v
16.05. X and startx.m4v
16.06. Inittab and XShiChuang.m4v
16.07. DISPLAY and DISPLAYMANAGER variables.m4v
16.08. xfont Server.m4v




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